Tuesday , 23 January 2018
A scam and a fake psychiatrist in Arizona

A scam and a fake psychiatrist in Arizona

If you think only men can fool people and pull off scams, you better think twice. In Arizona a lady who has been pretending to be a licensed psychiatrist has been practicing and helping patients under the name of Dr. Ivette Saint Thomas.

This is another classic case of a greedy person who when it comes down to the truth only cares about making money and will stop at nothing to rip people off. I don’t know the exact number of people she has been in contact with or how much money she has got from the people she has lied and cheated, but now the truth is out about this lady in Arizona and I hope the news spreads fast.

The sad fact is someone like this lady who lives a life off of cheating people out of money will most likely continue to do this until someone legally puts a stop to her. It seems to me this lady is the one who has an illness and for her to act as though she is qualified to treat others is ridiculous. If you really think about it the people who not only gave her money, but also shared very personal private issues.

Clearly there was not any trust from the very beginning as I am sure the people who went to this lady and thought they could trust her the whole time, and now found out they were dealing with a person who does not have any real values in her life.  When people go to seek out help it’s usually because there is a serious need to make changes or try to find happiness in some aspects of one’s life, and to help with a mental illness that the individual might be dealing with.

Another downfall of what this lady has done will probably cause those seeking real professional help to doubt the honest ways of a psychiatrist from this point going forward. This lady is nothing but a fake and clearly can’t be trusted with anything she says or does. Sure it seems she got away with her ways of fooling others, but maybe now Karma is coming back on her.

Dr. Ivette Saint Thomas also goes by the name: Eunice Bundradge. I think one way she got away with her scams for so long, is she was using another person’s license # and this wasn’t checked out for a sometime, because if it had been she would have been caught. If Ivette does face criminal charges she could very well serve time in prison.

Please spread the word and make others aware to be more careful. If you are going to a doctor and they say they don’t accept medical insurance, I would suggest to do more research to make sure the person is not a fake.

My #1 Tip if you go to a doctor and they say they don’t accept insurance, run for the door and don’t look back.

Watch the below video about this fake lady Ivette.

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You are not a doctor give up the scams and earn a real living!

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