Friday , 23 February 2018
All City Towing

All City Towing

If you have ever had your vehicle towed you know what a hassle it can be depending on what company you go with. Paying a fee when you have car problems is not going to make anyone’s day. Can you imagine if you walked up to where you left  your car parked the night before and the next morning you go out and your car is just gone?

Well this is exactly what happened to my better half. This happened on Saturday May 3,  2014. We had to run some errands first thing in the morning so when we got back Damaris went to go to his car and said it was gone. I thought for sure he was joking because he always jokes about stuff so I thought this was another joke. I asked Damaris if he was serious and he said yes.

We couldn’t believe this was happening. We thought for sure someone stole his car. We went down to the front office where we live and asked if the car was towed, because if not we explained to the lady at the office that someone stole his car.

She said “no your car shouldn’t be towed, because the company we do business with would have to notify us first by calling us, and we would have to give them permission to tow the car”.  The lady said she would call the towing company and I told her because “if the vehicle wasn’t towed we will have to call the police”.

Damaris and I of course are not happy that this is how are day is starting out and Damaris had to be to work at 2:00. Well while we were at the front office we found out that the car did get towed by All City Towing! We couldn’t believe what was happening we felt like we were in a bad dream.

When the front office lady came back she was not very happy at all about what happened. We found out that another tenant called the towing place and said Damaris was parked in their assigned parking spot. That was not true at all. You see where we live each unit is assigned one parking space or a garage. There are other spots that are not assigned so it’s a first come first serve basis.

Damaris never parked in another persons spot. None of us could believe this happened. The towing truck company is completely in the wrong towing anyone’s car from where we live without the permission from the front office. Also the tenant that called is not to call the towing company they are to call the front office during normal business hours or the after hours emergency patrol number.

Several calls were made back and forth to All City Towing explaining over and over that they had no right to tow our vehicle. We were told by a very and I mean very rude person by the name of Melissa that we would have to pay $215 to get the car back. I said “we are not paying anything we have done nothing wrong”. I told Damaris to let the lady at the office speak with Melissa.

While we were waiting and trying to find out more information Melissa from the towing place was very rude to the lady from the office and wouldn’t provide us with anything about resolving this issue because of the towing company mistake.

After the lady from the front office got off the phone, she kept saying she was so sorry for what happened. We didn’t blame her we were just very upset that this happened and couldn’t understand why the towing company would just tow another tenants car because of a phone call from another tenant. She said “they should have never towed your car”.  I mentioned that what if a tenant doesn’t like someone so they can just call this towing company and a car gets towed?

Well I explained that Damaris and I should not at all have to pay to get his car back. I asked what would be done about this. We were told that there was nothing that could be done at the moment as far as the place where we live paying to get the car back. The office doesn’t keep cash and the manager would not be back until Monday to get this situation taken care of. Damaris and I were told that we would most likely get the amount we would have to pay to get the car back taken off of our June rent.

Damaris and I didn’t know what we were going to do now, and he had to be to work in a few hours. I said I was going to call the towing place back and figure out what we needed to do to get the car back. I spoke with Carla and she was polite (unlike Melissa) and very helpful. I explained the whole situation again and what else we can do to get the car back. Carla said the office was closing in 7 minutes and they are not open on Sunday’s and wont open again until Monday morning again at 7:00 am.

I explained that we needed to get the car today and what can we do since this was a mistake on the towing company for not getting the authorization from the place where we live. I was then told that there is an after hours release that we can pay $40 more and get the car back. So we would have to drive and call the same number and talk to the dispatch people.

At this point we all felt like we were in the twilight zone. I asked for the address and the total amount so I could make sure the numbers added up correctly. Carla told me it would be $255 to get the car out because of the after hours release of the vehicle. I said we will be there to get the car. I asked for the managers name because the manger where we live needs to call her manager on Monday morning to find out why the contract with the towing company is not being followed and it would have to be explained again what happened to us.

So as Damaris and I were driving my car to go get his car we were almost to the towing place less than a minute away and Damaris gets a call from the lady at the office where we live. She explained that she got a hold of her manager (who was on vacation in another state) where we live and that manager went off on the people at the towing place. Damaris was then told that we were not to pick the car up or pay anything that the towing place was going to bring the car back and nobody is paying any money for something that is the fault of All City Towing.

Talk about great timing. We just looked at each other in shock. Well it did still take about another 2 hours or so for us to get the car back. When the tow place brought the car back they didn’t even put the car anywhere that was close to where we live. Damaris, and I and the lady from the front office had to get on a golf cart and ride around and look for his car.

I rode back up to the office with the lady on the golf cart and explained to her that the place where we live really should think about not doing business with that towing company. I also brought up a great point that if for some reason someone had an emergency with a child and had to go to the hospital and their car was towed this could be a really big problem.

So the day didn’t start out very well but the great thing is we got the car back and didn’t have to pay for the mistakes of All City Towing.

Damaris said he was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say we were being punk’d.