Tuesday , 23 January 2018

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Personal Change


Change is one of the most powerful basic rudimentary elements of life encompassing every life form and inanimate object in this universe. It’s very easy to be afraid of change, some would say it is almost human nature to resist change. After all, the scope of change to come for the most part is uncertain and that can definitely be ... Read More »

Black Friday


With Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, “Black Friday” is fast upon us. Do you participate in the deals that stores offer on this day? I myself don’t like to venture out and deal with the crazy madness of the deals that are offered and the people who tend to get a little crazy. This year many business will run ... Read More »

Thanksgiving tips


  As most states have set the clocks back 1 hour, it seems to be that time of year again for the holiday hustle and bustle to begin. I have always felt that after Halloween through December 31 the time just goes by so fast almost in the blink of an eye. I have known many people who don’t really ... Read More »

Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence (DV) is a very personal topic for me and I feel very strong about my views, as I discuss this topic with you. This topic might be something you yourself have personally been through or have known someone who has been through domestic violence. When I started my blog I made the decision that I would need and ... Read More »

Affordable Care Act


The Obamacare Affordable Care Act where do I begin with this? Citizens were persuaded to vote for this bill based off of misleading information this leads to our country going more into debt. I can’t understand how it is expected that the so-called affordable healthcare plan is affordable for everyone. Most people look forward to the start of a New Year.  ... Read More »

Positive and Negative Attention


In the entertainment industry do you think being in the field where you have to promote yourself due to music, acting, cooking, and many other forms of fame can draw positive and negative attention? I think that being famous can bring both positive and negative. Sometimes it can be very clear when a person is trying so hard too get ... Read More »


Cute little munchkin :-)

Halloween always seemed like a fun time to me when I was young. You get to dress up and were funny costumes not care what anyone thinks and get yummy candy. Sadly though there are some people who take the fun out of trick or treating for kids. Some individuals will actually poison candy and put dangerous objects in the ... Read More »

Update: Jodi Arias trial

As of October 24, 2013 there was a settlement conference held for Jodi Arias. The case is going to have a retrial due to a settlement not being reached.  A new jury will be deciding on the penalty phase. Let’s hope the new jury can reach a verdict of death or life in prison. The problem I have is if the ... Read More »