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Natural Disaster


If  you had your choice to move anywhere what would be some of the deciding factors? Do you have any deal breakers that would eliminate certain states? Some people like a cooler climate and some prefer a warmer climate. I prefer to live somewhere that doesn’t have a long-lasting history of natural disasters. When mother nature calls we can’t control ... Read More »



When you hear the word beauty or beautiful what comes too your mind? I have noticed these words and their meanings seem to be viewed in many ways by people from all over the world. When I hear the world beautiful, I think of something that catches my eye, or a person with a sweet kind soul that makes them so beautiful that ... Read More »

Good Deed

do something good (1)

                                    Have you ever been down and out on your luck and really needed help but didn’t know exactly where to seek the help you need? Have you ever felt unsure of where you could seek out assistance for help with financial struggles? ... Read More »

Landing that dream job


The unemployment rate is slowly starting to decrease. There are some states that have consistent job growth along with an ideal atmosphere to live. When you think of your future and the type of career you would enjoy what is your vision? Have you ever worked for a company that is constantly letting people go without any warning? The job ... Read More »

National Coming Out Day


The National Coming Out Day as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or as an ally is recognized on October 11 and this year 2013 marks the twenty-fifth year. The coming out day started back on October 11, 1987. Coming out to friends and family can be very hard for some people. Having people who will love you regardless if you ... Read More »

Bullies be gone

Handout photo of Rebecca Sedwick

Have you ever been the victim of bullying? Here is a link that provides a few different definitions of the word bully, but I am sure each of us can think of a few life experiences on are own that might provide a better example. I have found life experiences can teach us a better definition of a word or ... Read More »


Do you think the media (news), reality TV can have a great impact on places people and things we think to be one way in our mind? When you hear or see something that you don’t agree with do you have a change of opinion about a person, place, or thing immediately or do you think everything through that you ... Read More »



When thinking of money do you ever think is there such a thing as too much a person could have? Or how much money should or does it take to make a person happy? Do the material items, places and things, including friends that are wealthy make you happier than someone who is less fortunate? Or is someone who is wealthy looked ... Read More »

Health and taking care of you first


The word stress never seems like something I like to think about or even hear the word for that matter, but stress is a part of life and finding ways to try to deal with it can have a big impact on you and your health. Did you know that stress is one of the top ranking things that affects health among ... Read More »

Advice with Crystal

I really like helping others out with providing advice with a new perspective into a tough situation that they may be going through or that you have gone through. I have found that really listening to what other people have to say can make a person feel as though they are not alone when they seek advice and this tends ... Read More »