Tuesday , 23 January 2018

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What type of movies do you prefer when you go to the movie theater? I like a variety. I recently watched the comedy Neighbors starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Bryne, and Dave Franco. This movie has many funny moments as well as many truths that I am sure you may have encountered some of them at some point in ... Read More »



I recently tried 3 spring and summer lip colors from NYX cosmetics. Black Sesame I don’t really care much for the Black Sesame you have to put a lot on just to get the color to look even on your lips. If you do try this color you might want to put a clear lip gloss over it. I was ... Read More »

2014 weight loss my journey #5


Hi everyone I am back with a new video as I promised since the end of March when I posted my last video. I thought I posted my last video #4 the beginning of April but it was the end of March. I just started back in the gym. I am not sure if I will be doing a 90 ... Read More »

Memorial Site Ground Zero


September 11, 2001 will be a day that will be in history for the rest of our lives and those who live after we pass on will hear about 9/11 and see the tragic pictures of the events that took place on 9/11. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on this day? I still remember ... Read More »

Spring is here


Great idea for flowers, candles, and much more…. I really like this idea and it’s affordable as well as so easy to do. You can do a few different things with this idea. You can use this for flowers, a candle holder, and I also suggest maybe an incense holder or you could put potpourri for a fresh scent to ... Read More »

Chow Dogs


My favorite dogs have always been chows. I had one when I was growing up and I just loved him. His name was Tubby he was the best dog ever. I would always try to keep Tubby in my room as much as I could. Some people have misunderstandings about chows. People think they are mean and unfriendly. Chows are ... Read More »

All City Towing


If you have ever had your vehicle towed you know what a hassle it can be depending on what company you go with. Paying a fee when you have car problems is not going to make anyone’s day. Can you imagine if you walked up to where you left  your car parked the night before and the next morning you ... Read More »



Ladies now that we are in spring and summer will be here in a few months makeup companies are coming up with new and exciting makeup to grab the attention of beauty lovers from all ages and skin tones. If you love spring and love bright colors then you might love some of the great colors NYX cosmetics has come ... Read More »



I wanted to share my wonderful experience that I had with a great, affordable, and friendly environment where you can get your hair done. I found a place that you can get your hair colored, cut, style, and many other services for a very affordable price. This was my first visit to Avalon School Of Cosmetology. I waited about 15 ... Read More »

Serenity Hair Design


I recently made a move to another city and I really like the area so I knew that if I was going to stay in the area I would need to find a new place to get my hair done. You see I usually do my hair myself, but I wanted to make a change and have someone else do ... Read More »