Friday , 23 February 2018


I wanted to share my wonderful experience that I had with a great, affordable, and friendly environment where you can get your hair done. I found a place that you can get your hair colored, cut, style, and many other services for a very affordable price.

This was my first visit to Avalon School Of Cosmetology. I waited about 15 mins after my scheduled time. This wasn’t bad at all as the school was very busy and I did go on a Saturday morning when the school opened. I made my appointment in advance for the services I wanted. I wasn’t sure who would be doing my hair.

Avalon is a school where you can go and have students work on your hair, nails, and have facial treatments done. I know some people feel nervous about going to a school where students will be working with them and what they want done, but there are instructors there to help if needed.

The stylist that worked with me was Frankie. Frankie was very polite, soft-spoken, introduced herself and shook my hand. I met another young lady by the name of Sonia. Sonia was telling me she was shy but she stayed and talked with me most of the time while I was there. Sonia has been at Avalon since around the beginning of the year.

Frankie asked me what services I would like to have done. I explained I wanted a blue/black all over color and a trim (haircut). Frankie was very soft-spoken and I like that and she was easy to talk with. I learned Frankie knows how to take care of monkey’s. Her parents have 2 as their own personal pets, which I thought was pretty cool.

I am glad I had Frankie as my stylist she was very patient and didn’t try talking me into doing anything to my hair that I didn’t want. Frankie took her time and did a great job. Frankie will be done with Avalon School Of Cosmetology in July, but I will go back before she graduates from the program and have her do my hair again. My experience was very pleasant and I recommend going to Avalon for great service with very affordable prices.

My total for everything I had done was $55.00 (this included my tip for Frankie) My hair is very long almost down to my behind. I had all over color, shampoo, trim (haircut), and a blow dry (style) as well as a great stylist (Frankie) to go with it.

You can also get many other services for a very affordable price just by visiting the Avalon School Of Cosmetology website. Here is the website