Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Beautiful Dresses

Beautiful Dresses

Do you love spring? I love spring it’s a great time of year after the cold weather we need a change of scenery. I was looking through some dresses and found some that I think are absolutely beautiful. Each dress has an elegance and a unique style. With spring approaching fast many ladies are getting ready to prepare for that big special day of getting married.

I love all of these dresses!

I really like the style of this dress. This is a classic type of Cinderella fairy tale dress. This dress is also great because it doesn’t hug the whole body. If you are a lady who prefers to have a little extra room on your special day, this might be an option to consider. This dress also reminds me of spring because of the light pink.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses3lusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: pinterest/okdressesonline

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Image Source: pinterest/gowns-wedding-dresses

This is a simple style that allows for a lot of room to move around throughout the day. This dress also would be great for staying cool when the weather does start to get a bit warmer. If you are a lady who likes the simple white color and just a little bit of sparkle you should try this. You would also be able to find many different types of jewelry that would go with this great dress. 

This dress is similar to the first dress as far as part of the style, but I really like the design on this one. The bottom of the dress is so cute. So ladies if you don’t like to have much sparkle on the top part of your dress but like to have more on the bottom of your dress you might  think about this one as an option. Many bridal designers or some bridal shops will customize certain parts of a wedding dress if not the whole dress to fit your personal touches.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses5lusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: pinterest/bridaldressesdream

Ladies if you are trying to decide on what type of bridesmaid dress you would like, this next look is simple but beautiful. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can sometimes be a headache because depending on what type of looks your bridesmaids like this can make you feel like you are running in circles. At the end of the day this is your special day, so you should do what makes you happy. The great thing about this dress is women of most shapes and sizes can wear this look and feel great. The color will look great on different skin tones. This is also another color of spring!

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses2lusciouslivingtoday-1.jpg

Image Source: pinterest

Would you like to have a dress that is not the usual plain white dress, but has unique touches with design and color? This dress is so pretty. I love the color purple and I love how this dress has a hint of purple along with other colors. I think the designer of this dress did a great job with the mixture of colors.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses6lusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Now ladies if you love sparkle and a little bit of see through this is the dress for you. This dress makes me think of a gypsy wedding. In a gypsy wedding there is a lot of sparkle among other things. I really like how the bottom of the dress has a little bit of sparkle.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses1lusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: pinterest/bizzworld

The next two dresses I have to say are my favorite of all the dresses I shared with you. All the dresses as you can see are beautiful for different reasons, but these last two really caught my attention.

This dress has the sparkle in all the right places. The design is flawless in my opinion. Another great feature about this dress is you don’t have to have sleeves which is great because a dress like this, wouldn’t look right with sleeves. I wouldn’t change anything about this dress its perfect! Never mess with perfection.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresses7lusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: pinterest/pinner

My last choice and is one of my top favorites doesn’t look anything at all like a wedding dress, but I think when it comes to dresses it really is the brides decision and what her taste is. I love this dress it’s so shiny and sparkles everywhere, but not too much sparkle. I like that the dress doesn’t have sleeves and as you get past the waist the dress has a little bit more room so it’s not all the way form-fitting.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/beautiful-dresses/ photo beautifuldresseslusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: pinterest/fashionjot

If you are getting married this spring congratulations!

Spring and fall weddings are my favorite!

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