Friday , 23 February 2018


When you hear the word beauty or beautiful what comes too your mind? I have noticed these words and their meanings seem to be viewed in many ways by people from all over the world. When I hear the world beautiful, I think of something that catches my eye, or a person with a sweet kind soul that makes them so beautiful that looks don’t really even take place into my thoughts.

When I think of beautiful in terms of a place to go, Hawaii or Romania are usually the first places I think of. How about a beautiful experience, what thoughts come up for you? Hawaii

The birth of a baby or even falling in love can leave such a positive lasting impression . 

A beautiful precious little baby


Many times I have heard the saying “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”, this might be true but when women constantly compare themselves to what is shown on TV, or in magazines this sends a false image of reality and what is real and what is not. We tend to get depressed and can often be our own worst critic and think we look fat, are not pretty enough, and at times don’t think anything is attractive. Well ladies let me tell you this is not just mother nature calling (a little humor for you). We can be our own worst critic. When you see magazines the ladies have what is called photoshop done to their pictures so they are not as flawless as you might think.

A picture can paint a thousand words or in some cases a thousand images. The ladies below as we can see are not a size 5 but are not afraid to show curves and as well are not giving into the pressure society seems to put on young, middle-aged and older women. You can still have curves and be sexy. Some women are naturally thin and can’t gain weight but for the majority the average women ranges from a size 12 and up. Did you know size 12 in the modeling industry is considered a plus size model? Ford models started featuring plus size models in 1998.

A new modeling agency Jag based in New York launched July, 1 2013. Jag looks for models of all shapes and not just a size 2.

 The picture I have up of me in the About Crystal Section of this blog there is not any photoshop done because I want to show you my readers and anyone who follows my blog that I am showing a real life image and not a fake looking one. I think false images can play a lot into people having insecure feelings. If you always compare what you look like to someone else, you might never think you can measure up to that person.

Lets take a look at Kim Kardashian rarely will we ever see her without makeup. A couple of makeup tricks she has below are filled in eyebrows, light shaded makeup under the eyes and the middle of the forehead which adds a highlighted effect so when you look at her you are more drawn to that area of her face. Also for the cheeks, nose, jaw, and forehead a technique known as contour was done to give her a more slim look and to make her face not look as full as when she isn’t wearing makeup. Yes we as ladies like to feel good about how we look, but going natural can also show you are not so obsessed with how you look 24/7.

Makeup should be used to enhance your own natural beauty, and give you that sexy, but naturally beautiful look. Your face is a naked canvas and you can add minor finishing touches to create the look you prefer. I am not saying makeup is for everyone as some people choose not to wear any. I do feel however less is better. Have you ever been somewhere and seen a women who looked almost as if she had raccoon eyes and she wasn’t dressed up for Halloween? 

Sure when you see someone you think is in shape or attractive this might motivate  you, but hopefully for positive reasons and not to feel insecure about what you look like. Getting old is part of life so looks will only last so long. We can do many things to help feel better about who we are as a person. What are some ideas you have had but not actually taken the steps to make the changes so you can feel better about who you are on the inside and not just the outside?