Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Beginning a Blog

Beginning a Blog

If you are thinking of starting a blog, I wanted to share some great tips that you can do to be a successful blogger. If you do plan on working as a blogger it takes a lot of time, work, and energy. I myself am fairly new still working on my blog. I started lusciouslivingtoday.com back between June-July of 2013. I had to start my blog over around the end of October 2013 due to switching to a different type of layout style I was looking for.

The below tips will be very useful to others who are just staring out as a blogger or have been working on a blog, but just can’t seem to find what will work in getting your blog up and going properly.  I will tell you this one of the most important things you will need that doesn’t cost you anything as far as money goes. You must have PATIENCE I can’t stress that enough.

Tip #1– First you will need to think of what type of blog you want to write about. If you are wanting to talk just about fashion, you will want to have a website name that will reflect that. If you want to talk about sports only, then you would want to have a website name that will reflect that. I chose my website name lusciouslivingtoday because I knew that I wanted to have a variety of topics in my blog and not just limit my blog to one thing such as beauty, fashion, holidays, travel, and etc. I kept an open mind when thinking what would be a great name.

Tip #2– You will want to go on a hosting site such as HostGator and under the domain tab you want to type in the website name you have come up with. If the website name you want to go with is already taken, HostGator will tell you that it’s not available. In that case you will have to think of another name. I actually did this a few times and then I checked for lusciouslivingtoday.com and lucky for me it wasn’t taken yet.

Tip #3– Do research on Google BlogSpot if you are wanting to use a blog that wont cost you money to host. Working on a blog is trial and error in figuring out what will work best for you. Like I mentioned in the beginning I had started my blog back between June and July of 2013. At that time I used Google BlogSpot. I at first thought it was great because it was so easy to pick from many different templates and colors. Well as I started to learn more about working on a blog and thinking long-term, I did some research on Google BlogSpot and I was not happy with what I found.

With Google BlogSpot you are limited to the types of layouts you can use, specific colors for certain themes, how many posts you can have, what you can talk about, what types of pictures you can post, and Google has the right to shut your blog down at any time if they feel the need. I can’t even imagine that happening. The more research I did I made the decision that it would just be best for me to switch to WordPress.

When I first started to use WordPress it was very confusing for me because Google BlogSpot didn’t require as much work when figuring out how to use a template. After I got more use to WordPress I am so happy I switched as I can customize my blog the way I want. If  you are willing to put in the time and work it will take to customize your blog the way you want you will be so much happier than using Google BlogSpot. I have read posts where some people don’t really like using WordPress, however the reasons stated are based off of them not knowing how to use a template and set everything up properly on the back-end. Like I said earlier in this post, you must have patience because success doesn’t just happen overnight and if you are just looking for an easy template where you don’t have to do anything on the back-end then you might not end up being that successful and you will be very limited to how the layout of your blog will look. I say learn all you can and don’t doubt yourself in your own abilities.

Tip #4– Learn how to use social media. Think outside the box when getting your blog name out there for others to learn about. I have the following accounts that link to my blog: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Bloglovin. I myself like to do videos on certain topics as this lets others who may not have heard of my blog find out about my blog and learn more about me through my videos.

Tip #5– Follower other bloggers and make comments on posts they have. Showing support to others is a great way to earn respect from fellow bloggers.

Tip#6– Make sure you don’t just use all pictures for every post you do. Pictures are nice, but content is the key to growing an audience. If you just post pictures the majority of the time others wont really have an understanding of who you are. People like to hear a voice behind the work with that they are looking at or reading. Make sure when you post about something you do research about your topic instead of just typing anything just to get a post done.

Tip#7– If you work a full-time job like I currently do it might be hard for you to post a lot. I try to do at least 4 posts a week if I can. Depending on what type of schedule you have will take some figuring out on your part when is the best time and days you can work on a post.

Tip#8– My last tip for you is to make sure you show respect to others. If someone emails you or makes a comment on your blog make sure to respond to them. This is time-consuming and the more that people find out about you and your blog the more emails and comments you will need to respond to. If you don’t respond to emails or comments from people who took the time to follow your blog, you most likely will start to lose respect from the followers and wonder why your blog is not a success.

I hope these tips have helped you.



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