Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Black Friday 2014

Black Friday 2014

It’s that time of year again when the mad rush is on for many people who will head out for Black Friday deals.  This is also the time of year when people who have to work during Black Friday don’t get paid nearly enough to put up with the people who are just pushy, in a hurry, and just plain rude. It also seems to be a repeat every year showing just how greedy many individuals can be.

Have people really forgot the meaning of Thanksgiving? I think they have. It’s funny how many people will be enjoying a great meal with friends and family 1-minute and then hours later are pushing, running, and yelling at others just so he or she can grab that special item they have waited for. Every year people actually die on Black Friday due to being trampled on among other things, which include getting into fights.

Don’t get me wrong Black Friday can be fun too, but more often you hear or read about the bad stuff. Walmart is actually doing something pretty cool for Black Friday. Walmart will be offering certain deals on an HDTV, Laptop, ipad, XBOX ONE, LG Blue-ray Disc Player, and many other normally high-priced items. These items each person in line by a certain time will get 1 ticket for one of the items from the list. You do not get multiple tickets, just one ticket per person. The time you are in line depends on what specials are for that hour.

Walmart has made the 1-hour guarantee. Depending on which special deals event you attend, you are guaranteed by Walmart the one item you want you will get at the price they are selling it for. This does not mean you will get the item of your choice during that visit. What this means is when you get in the store and go to get the item you waited for and they are now out of stock, you will then have to go to a cashier and pay for the item giving the cashier your ticket, but Walmart says you will have your item before Christmas at the store you choose to pick the item up at.

You do have to register your receipt online from your purchase, but I am guessing that is so you can decide which store you want your item shipped to, so you can then pick it up. This is actually not a bad idea for Walmart to be doing this. If you think about it waiting in line for maybe a few hours, but knowing you will get one ticket for the time you have wanted and even if they run out you still get that item since you were in line before the time was up.

I think more stores should do this and hopefully, it will make Black Friday more enjoyable for everyone. Ultimately, it would be great if Cyber Monday offered the exact same deals. That would be great just order from home and avoid any headaches. Best of luck if you go out.



Main image source: thetruthisnow.com