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Black Friday Should Be Banned!!!

Black Friday Should Be Banned!!!

Black Friday in my opinion brings out disgusting behavior for some adults acting literally like they are in search of the last piece of food on earth. I personally feel Black Friday should be BANNED!!! I am not saying all people who go out and shop for the so-called deals act in an immature way, but the behavior that some adults show during the two-day deals is disgusting to me. Parents cant expect kids to be respectful if they themselves have no respect. Some people actually will wait outside their favorite store days in advance. This doesn’t make much sense to me as this takes away time from family and friends if you do decided to camp out days in advance just to save some money. Thanksgiving which is a day to be thankful and camping out doesn’t come across as thankful when you take time away from family.



Did you go out on Black Friday? If so what was your experience? How many times do you hear people you know and strangers complain about not having any money and they are in debt, yet the same people complaining can somehow find a miracle to go and purchase items they feel are a great deal that they know they can’t really afford even though it’s a sale. I understand people want nice things and there is nothing wrong with that, but I think people who complain about struggling in the tough economy and then go get more in debt just for Black Friday is ridiculous. My level of feeling sorry for people at that point is gone.

I think if you want to get great deals shopping online just make more sense. You most likely wont be getting into a screaming match, fight with anyone, or getting irritated by waiting in line after you have found what you want and you wont have to deal with long waits in traffic either if you shop for deals online. Recently HLN Posted the below video.

After I watched the above video from this years Black Friday I once again can’t understand why adults act so immature. Those two ladies should feel embarrassed for acting like that and the one lady getting taken down to the ground by the cop. Really lady was the TV really worth all that trouble? Clearly your thinking cap wasn’t working during this time, being greedy will get you every time.

There was a statement made by someone I know this person said ” if you go with a karmapositive attitude this wont affect you” the same person also said ” in a sense I can control other people”.  I couldn’t believe that this person said what they said, but actually believes they can control someone else. I agree to a point with part of the statement about being positive, however I disagree where the other person feels they can control another persons actions. You can’t control others if the other person just decides to start pushing you or yelling at you and in some cases trying to pull an item out of your hands.

I hate to break it to you, but I am pretty sure if a stranger starts pushing you or screaming in your face you are hardly going to stand with a smile on your face and be in a positive mood the whole time. You can’t control the actions of others, only your own actions you can control. Sure you don’t have to fight with the person, but if a person is already in an irritated mood I am sorry but a “smile” and “I grabbed this first ma’am or sir I hope that is okay” just isn’t going to work. Tension is high around holidays and on a day such as Black Friday this seems to bring out the worst and best in some people.

As I was watching this next video from YouTube, I made a simple observation. So many people make excuses of not being able exercise and do cardio in the form of running, yet as you will notice in the video surely there doesn’t seem to be any problems with running for many of the people. How funny it is when a person wants something bad enough then they will find a way to make it happen. Priorities are different for each person I suppose. I myself have never made shopping on Black Friday a priority so I guess I don’t understand why some individuals get so worked up just to save some money. 

A great way to avoid the stampede would be to go in after everyone has already ran into the store. Sure you might not have first grab of stuff, but you wont have to get your feet stepped on or have people pushing you. I feel bad for the people who have to work during this time. Minimum wage is very low in some states and to have to put up with the rude people who don’t know how to control themselves is ridiculous. Take a look at the current minimum wages and ask yourself do you think that people who had to work during Black Friday and put up with the pushy rude people should have to deal with that? I personally don’t think so at all. Customer service and retail jobs are some of the hardest jobs that pay the least amount of money.  Sure some might say “Well then just not work”, but it’s not that easy when you need a job. If you had to work on Black Friday, I feel your pain just from the ignorant things I have seen. Would you personally want to deal with the rude people and work on Black Friday especially for minimum wage?


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  • shivers… it is not that bad here down under but that is crazy.. fighting over something like that.

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