Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Black Friday

Black Friday

With Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, “Black Friday” is fast upon us. Do you participate in the deals that stores offer on this day? I myself don’t like to venture out and deal with the crazy madness of the deals that are offered and the people who tend to get a little crazy. This year many business will run Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving evening. So I think Black Friday needs to have a new name of “Black Thursday and Black Friday ” because the last I checked Friday doesn’t mean it’s Thursday. Have business owners forgot just how important family time is on Thanksgiving? I feel bad for the people who love to do family stuff on Thanksgiving but will have to end up working this year. For some people Thanksgiving is the only time they might get to see family and friends. It’s a bit hard to get excited when you feel sad because you have to take time away from loved ones for work. Many places will be opening early in the evening. I guess if you are one of the people who will have to work on Thanksgiving, a dinner might actually end up turning into a Thanksgiving lunch instead.  bf1

Some people go overboard with Black Friday. Every year the madness seems to increase not just pushing and yelling but some people even get trampled over. I can’t for second think any item would ever be worth this kind of self-torture. When you think about it, it seems adults act rather childish just to save a little money. Here a few YouTube videos of adults acting like the are fighting for the last piece for food on earth.

How many of you love to shop as Costco or Nordstrom? Well if you do this year you just might want to plan your Black Friday shopping a little different. Some businesses will stop at nothing just to be on the front page of a newspaper or the big talk for the media just to increase ratings. Ratings can come at a price not just financially but the price of happiness for those that have to work on Black Friday.

According to the Huffington post business section a spokesperson for Costco said “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families,” Paul Latham, the company’s vice president for membership and marketing, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “Nothing more complicated than that.

I think it’s great there are some businesses that understand making money doesn’t always mean that you have to sacrifice time away from loved ones. You can have a balance of getting great deals and still not needing to take away time from family during Thanksgiving. Sure if you don’t go out on Black Friday and you choose to wait for Cyber shopping you will need to wait a few extra days, but you can still get great deals. Sometimes the wait is worth the reward. This year 2013 Cyber shopping takes place on Monday December 2.bf2

Walmart instead of having just a Cyber Monday for one day, the company will actually be having a Cyber Week. Walmart also has great prices for most anything all year round ranging from food, clothes, makeup, cleaning supplies, school supplies, books, electronics, crafts, exercise items, furniture pieces (tables), and much more. During Cyber Week or Cyber Monday you can really rack up on savings and by the items you wanted but didn’t think you would be able to afford throughout the year. Let’s say if you wanted to change your bathroom up and give it more color, well you can very easily buy those items if you do decide to shop Cyber Monday or Cyber Week. If I do any shopping the best fit for me will be online as I know I can still get great deals after Black Friday.

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Please be extra careful if you do decide to venture out on Thanksgiving Thursday for any sales or Black Friday. I have noticed people tend to be more impatient as they feel the need to rush just to save a few bucks, so accidents tend to be higher during this time. If you are lucky maybe you live in an area where people will still respect others and don’t feel the need to get pushy during this time. No item is worth getting into a shouting match or physical fight.