Saturday , 16 December 2017


Out with the old

So now that the holidays are over and most of you have made a New Years resolution, staying motivated is the key to your own success. Since resolutions can vary from person to person lets look over a few common ones that people talk about doing. You can also do resolutions that don’t cost much more than a smile and ... Read More »

Christmas Decorations

luscious living today

Christmas can be such a wonderful time of year for many people. What do you like about Christmas? I have to say Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love Christmas, but not for the reason that I hear most people say they love it for getting presents. Spending time with loved ones is priceless. I really like Christmas ... Read More »

Beauty Of Snow

luscious living today

I wanted to share some pictures that capture the beauty of snow. I currently live in Arizona and where I live there is never any snow. Having a white Christmas wont be happening for me, so I love to look at beautiful images of snow and remember the times when I was around snow. For those of you who wont ... Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions……


Can you believe 2013 is already almost over? Time just seems to fly by faster and faster each year. It seems not so long ago people were celebrating the end of 2012 and bringing in the New Year of 2013. We are now heading to the end of 2013 and getting excited for 2014. How many of you each and every ... Read More »

NDE (Near Death Experience)


Are you religious or spiritual? Maybe perhaps you are both religious and spiritual which it’s possible to be both. I believe in GOD, Heaven and Hell. Even though I believe in GOD I am more spiritual than religious. When I was younger, meaning younger as a kid before I hit my teen years I would go to church with my ... Read More »

Christmas Gifts under $100


Christmas is a time of joy, family, love, laughter, being thankful, giving, decorations, presents and tasty food with delicious deserts. I have three things I really love about Christmas. Spending time with loved ones, watching little kids open presents and looking at decorations with all the beautiful Christmas lights. Christmas can be a hard time for some if you are ... Read More »

Insecure or Kudos you decide

Maria was not always thin as many woman have assumed she was blessed with a thin frame body.

I ask you this would you feel insecure about being in the same room with another person you thought looked beautiful or you thought had a great body or even not be friends with the person because you feel threatened by how they look? Would you give kudos the meaning of praise for something that one has accomplished if that person ... Read More »

Black Friday Should Be Banned!!!


Black Friday in my opinion brings out disgusting behavior for some adults acting literally like they are in search of the last piece of food on earth. I personally feel Black Friday should be BANNED!!! I am not saying all people who go out and shop for the so-called deals act in an immature way, but the behavior that some adults show during ... Read More »

The Color Purple


The color purple I absolutely love! Purple stands out to me as a color that represents a feeling of calm, relaxation, easy on the eyes, it helps in times of relieving stress, and is also great with spiritual mediation. Did you know many artists prefer to use the color purple? There was a great artist by the name of Bob ... Read More »

Teenagers and Disrespect


It seems in the world we live in over the past 10 years teenagers seem to be getting worse and worse with the way they are acting and the disrespect they show to others. I remember when I was growing up my father was very strict with all of his children (my dad had 6 boys and 2 girls. I ... Read More »