Tuesday , 23 January 2018

Missing Persons and Crime

Dishonor in the Family


I can not believe this when I was looking at some topics on Yahoo and a few other legitimate sources that have reported on this very troubling issue. The issue I am speaking about is known as an “Honor Killing”. I am just disgusted that for anyone to ever think this is acceptable. In Pakistan some people do not even ... Read More »

Update: Jodi Arias penalty phase


For those of you that have been following the trial of the gruesome cold-blooded killer Jodi Arias if you haven’t already heard or read, once again another delay for the retrial of the penalty phase. This is getting really ridiculous for the family to have to live everyday waiting and wondering how much longer until Jodi will be legally punished ... Read More »

A scam and a fake psychiatrist in Arizona


If you think only men can fool people and pull off scams, you better think twice. In Arizona a lady who has been pretending to be a licensed psychiatrist has been practicing and helping patients under the name of Dr. Ivette Saint Thomas. This is another classic case of a greedy person who when it comes down to the truth ... Read More »

Juan Carlos Chavez Execution


The death penalty what are your thoughts on this? For some reason many people seem to have very mixed feelings, about giving a convicted killer the death penalty and in some cases the way the murderer should be killed after receiving the death penalty. You know this really does bring outrage to loved ones who are stuck in the middle ... Read More »

Missing: Leanne Hecht Bearden


Some of you may have heard about the recent disappearance of Leanne Hecht Bearden. Leanne went missing on January 17, 2014 sometime in the afternoon while she was visiting her in-laws in Texas. Leanne went for a walk and no one has seen or heard from her sense. It makes me very sad knowing that people are not even safe ... Read More »

Update: No Sequestration


According to HLN a recent update for the Jodi Arias trial, judge Stephens has made the decision for the retrial of the penalty phase to begin next year in 2014 the jurors will not be in sequestration. This might make for some mixed feelings if you watched the first trial. One of the reasons the judge is not going to ... Read More »

Update: Jodi Arias trial

As of October 24, 2013 there was a settlement conference held for Jodi Arias. The case is going to have a retrial due to a settlement not being reached.  A new jury will be deciding on the penalty phase. Let’s hope the new jury can reach a verdict of death or life in prison. The problem I have is if the ... Read More »



Do you think the media (news), reality TV can have a great impact on places people and things we think to be one way in our mind? When you hear or see something that you don’t agree with do you have a change of opinion about a person, place, or thing immediately or do you think everything through that you ... Read More »