Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Catfish Mom

Catfish Mom

Have you heard of the show Catfish? The show has been around for several years now. A short example of what the show is usually about is people who are looking to fall in love or think they have fallen in love, and it is usually someone he or she has never met before. There are so many signs that one person and in some cases several people are not who and what they say they are. Anyone can pretend to be another person when typing behind a computer. There are so many red flags when someone is not telling the truth, but many times people hold out for hope and believe the other person is who they are portraying him or herself to be.

Well about a month ago I was listening to a local radio station and this mom was calling in for advice on her teenage son, but the son had no idea that his mom was calling in and discussing things about her son with total strangers on live radio.  Needless to say after I heard everything the mom had to say and what she has been doing I feel bad for the young teen when he finds out what his mom has been doing behind his back he will probably never trust her again or if he does it will take a long time.

The mom was saying that her son was not popular in high school and didn’t have very many friends and he doesn’t know how to talk to girls. The teen boy is only 16. So the mom said she hacked into his facebook account and sent a friend request to a girl at his school and she started talking to the girl everyday acting like she was her son. Her son had no idea she has been doing this. The mom then said she eventually messaged the girl and asked her out on a date. Acting as her son through all the messages saying things she thinks he would say.

I am guessing the teen didn’t go on his facebook that often because the mom said she was messaging the girl for a while. Of course I thought if that girl was to see the boy at school and if she came up to him he would have no idea what is mom had been doing behind his back for so long. The mom said she was going to tell her son, but wanted advice from everyone listening if she should tell him and how she should tell him. The mom tried to explain why she did this and that she was nervous to tell him, but she needed to say something to her son because the girl agreed to go out on a date with him.

She said she wanted her son to be like other popular kids and go out with girls so he won’t be shy anymore and he can be cool like the other kids. I still can’t believe this mom would betray her own kid like this and break any trust he might have had before she did what she did. It was coming across to me like she is ashamed of her son because he is not cool like she thinks he needs to be. I understand she loves her son, but she is messing with not only her kid’s feelings when he finds out, but another girls feelings as well. I feel that a lot of trust has been broken by this mom and it’s probably going to take a while to rebuild. We all make mistakes but this mom went too far all because she felt her son wasn’t as cool as the other kids.

Sometimes when we think we might be helping a person or a certain situation, we need to really think things through before things happen that you can’t always change.