Friday , 23 February 2018
Personal Change

Personal Change

Change is one of the most powerful basic rudimentary elements of life encompassing every life form and inanimate object in this universe. It’s very easy to be afraid of change, some would say it is almost human nature to resist change.

After all, the scope of change to come for the most part is uncertain and that can definitely be a scary thought. Sure the sun and the moon have existed for millions of years and I doubt they are going anywhere soon, nonetheless they are ever-changing slowly but surely. For the sake of writing a never-ending story the type of change I want to talk about in this article is influential personal change. The choices we all make as individuals. Some types of changes are beyond our control no matter how hard we try to dislike it. gb2

Whether we recognize it or not everything we see around us pertaining civilization (good and bad) the amazing and the not so much has been directly affected by people’s personal choices. There is certainly no shortage of examples when you look back throughout history that exemplifies and solidifies the fact that humans for the most part are self-destructive.

Certainly the world we live in today has been cultivated by many brilliant minds and has created positive changes that enables most people in modern civilizations (even the lower class) to live a quality of life that even kings and rulers of some of the most historical empires throughout mankind wouldn’t even dream of. Change is happening, it is all around us the good and the bad.

So what is this article really about? After all the above mentioned is nothing new and really neither will the latter be. Maybe even discussing the fact that mass change begins within and has a ripple effect that goes on to affect many people. Sometimes our actions be it positive or negative may go on unbeknownst to us to affect someone or some event in a very grand way, most times we do not even know. Simply knowing shouldn’t be an incentive to make a positive change, the simple fact of putting positive energy into the universe in and of itself should feed us spiritually.

Energy is a very real and a very powerful thing. Energy can be scientifically measured. I don’t have to tell you how detrimental negative energy can be. It can literally destroy your life and it often creeps up on you like a thief in the night and before you know it your whole house is robbed and shaken at the very pillars of its foundation. We should strive to make a consciousness effort to be aware of the negative energy around us. In many ways it really is life’s greatest battle for it is a life long struggle.

I like to think we are all interconnected and regardless if I like to think this way or not the truth is that we are, the choices we make ultimately not only reflect on us but affect those around us and ripple out into the world and universe eventually. It is definitely hard to be positive when some of us around the world are born at a clear disadvantage. But here is some food for thought, and think long-term with me here.

As idealistic and utopian as this may sound, staying in control and consciousness of the energy in our life has a drastic effect on not only our life but everyone in this world. Think about this scenario for example as countries such as China, Japan, and India are growing and becoming economic powerhouses the effect on the whole world is undeniable. Modern society’s demand  for natural resources is increasing and affecting prices around the world. You, me, and our children are all affected by the changes we make today. Some changes are immediate, some take a little longer to come to fruition. Ultimately like it or not, when your time is up your choices your actions will be forever embedded in the history of time. gb3

The way I look at it is if we take personal development seriously and make the necessary changes within ourselves rather than just complaining from a productive standpoint it makes more logical sense than to wallow in the helplessness of negativity. We are truly more powerful than we realize, but one cannot harness that power when he is not conscious of that fact. Our positive choices affect our youth and shapes their mentality which in and of itself is monumental when you think of the consequences it implies.

What can young minds accomplish when they are raised in a positive nurturing environment? They go on to be productive people in society, to develop, invent and to make changes that affect those less fortunate all over the world. It is the ripple effect but if more people were to take this advice to heart this would in a few decades not be a ripple rather a powerful tide. One has to just simply look back on how far we have come in the last 100 years or so. People before were dying because of tooth infections,

the bubonic plague, malaria. Today in modern society it is unfathomable to think of someone in a civilized society to die due to a tooth infection, even though there are some isolated incident where it sadly happens. Today it is cancer, heart disease, aids etc. In 50 years society may look back and shake their heads in shock and wonder “people died of cancer?” “wow” it is the very same thing we are doing now with infections and many other diseases we have scientifically conquered of the past.

The consequences of positive personal change has so many effects and implications small and large that like I said earlier this could be a never-ending article. Hopefully this article has sparked a small light inside you. Some will think about it for a few minutes and some will take the message to heart.

This message could very well be a message in a bottle from your future son or daughter or grandchild or so on pleading with you to please make the right choices because like it or not change is all around us good and bad. However we CAN make a difference. So whether you are in a good place or not so good place in your life, take some time to reflect on your life and the impact you have or others have made in your life and pay it forward. Even if you have nothing…create it. After all a smile and a kind gesture is free to give.

-Damaris Duna