Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Dishonor in the Family

Dishonor in the Family

I can not believe this when I was looking at some topics on Yahoo and a few other legitimate sources that have reported on this very troubling issue. The issue I am speaking about is known as an “Honor Killing”. I am just disgusted that for anyone to ever think this is acceptable.

In Pakistan some people do not even look at this as a crime. Many family members and strangers will kill women who don’t follow views of her own family beliefs on who she should marry. This goes to show just because someone is related by blood does not make them family in my opinion.

The recent death of 25 yr old, Farzana Parveen has sparked much outrage and this brings about the sadness of what really goes on in the world that some people are used to seeing daily. I have no desire to ever visit places that think it’s okay to kill another person because his or her choices are different from theirs.

Her own family waited and ambushed an attack on her. It has been reported that the following people killed Farzana Parveen. Her father, 2 brothers, former fiance, and at least 12 other men. Farzana was killed by being stoned to death. This took place on Tuesday. Many people stood by and watched the killing take place. This just makes my heart hurt for Farzana even though I did not personally know her. The pictures I came across are just sad as Farzana lost her life and her baby way to young.  As I conducted more research about how often this happens in Pakistan I was shocked knowing family members do this all because they don’t agree with the choices  of who women choose to marry and this happens often. There were many pictures showing dozens of women and how they have been killed over senseless ways from their own families. Arranged marriages are real and not just something that you hear about. How could her own family do something like this and strangers take part in this as well?

Farzana was killed over something so stupid all because she didn’t follow the beliefs of what her family wanted. Her family wanted her to marry her cousin. That is just sick! Frazana lost here life because her family seemed to care more about what they think as dishonor by not marrying the person they had decided for her to marry. Farzana married 45 yr old, Mohammed Iqbal. Farzana was also pregnant.

Will there ever will be justice for women who choose to marry outside of an arranged marriage? This has to stop and now!