Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Fall Fashion 2013 Ladies

Fall Fashion 2013 Ladies

As you have noticed summer sure seems to be gone and the cold weather is slowly starting to set in. Depending on where you live you might get snow, rain, or really windy days. Ladies you can look beautiful all year around even if you have to bundle up a little for the cooler weather.

Great comfortable look for a windy day .  Chocolate brown mid-calf boots go great                                                                                                      with casual clothes.

 A day or evening look. This coat can help you to be more covered up but not have a feeling of being bunched up in a sweater. Sometimes a sweater can be itchy and uncomfortable if you pic the wrong fabric. 

If you live in an area where the weather doesn’t really get too cold or too hot during the fall time, dressing in layers can be easily done. If you like to wear jeans I suggest maybe a t-shirt and then a half shirt over the t-shirt with boots, a shoulder strap bag and some light jewelry to add your own personal touch. This looks great and still leaves something to the imagination.

       Casual daytime look. 










Do you have a  job where you need to dress in business professional attire? Sometimes it might just be a tad bit cold to where a skirt like you would in the spring or summer. You can always wear a nice slim fitting black pair of dress pants. The great thing about black is almost any color shirt or coat can match. All you need is a sexy pair of black heel ankle boots to top off your look.


Fashion ladies is about what you feel beautiful wearing. The great thing about cloths is you can always mix many outfits with colors and shoes, as well as jewelry. 


Bright colors are not only meant for spring and summer but can look great in the fall as well. Sometimes the bright colors can brighten up your day and give you a feeling of warmer weather without actually being in the warm weather.

With the above outfits I have shared they each offer style and comfort.

If your feet get cold I suggest wearing these comfy fluffy boots, not only will your feet be warm but your legs as well.

I love these boots!

fall4 2


  • Lovejoy Styles

    those white boots are soooo cute!!!

    • Crystal Duna

      I know I agree of course :-). I bet they keep feet and the lower legs nice and warm.

  • Crystal Duna

    You know I agree about buying shoes online. I cant do that either, because trying to find the right pair is a challenge. I feel many companies make the size of shoes different. I would suggest if you do go shopping in person and find a pair you like, then maybe buy from the same company online for the same style and fit. I think finding the right kind of shoe that you prefer is to maybe window shop. Sometimes I will walk around through different stores to see what catches my eye. There are so many different designers out there and we don’t always know what we might be missing.

    • Lee Williams

      hey where do you buy those white boots I would love a pair

      • Crystal Duna


        I am not sure where you get them from. I came across them when I was looking for pictures and I really liked how they looked.

  • love your sense of style ^_^ i like the shoes more though

    • Crystal Duna

      Thank you. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. You can still wear summer dresses or change it up with layers for your shirts. I love shoes too.