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Fall Fashion For Men 2013

Fall Fashion For Men 2013

Fashion is not just for ladies. Men can look stunning in a variety of clothes as well. We know men have a different type of selection for clothes so choosing what to wear might take more time. Depending on what type of look you are going for makes a big difference in where you should shop. Gentlemen ladies love when a man looks well put together and has taken the time to work on his appearance. Yes using an iron goes along way (little humor for you), but seriously looking well put together is pleasing on the eyes for the ladies.

Lets take a look at this first look. This hansom young man is dressed with a simple black blazer and white-collar shirt. The two colors work well together and as you can see the clothing is not tight at all. The color contrast goes well with his eyes, hair color, and not to mention a gorgeous little smirk.

This next look the young man is also sporting a sports coat with all colors matching along with a light color tie and a belt to give a slight touch of color. We can also see having a short hair cut with a bit of style adds a polished look to complete this outfit. 

Fashion is actually very simple. Having a few items with the cloths adds a finishing touch. A perfect pair of shoes to match ties the outfit together. 


Next you need a tie that speaks and shows your personality. Since the holiday season is hear you could always go for a holiday color tie.

Red Red Blue GreenBlue Green

My favorite color is the great and powerful……. PURPLE

Remember guys ladies love a man who isn’t afraid to wear a little color with his suit, so splash that color on!

Do you prefer to dress casual with jeans and a t-shirt or jeans with a sport coat? If so the next couple looks might be something to keep in mind when deciding on your next attire for a causal day while watching a sports game or hanging out at a sports bar or just chilling with friends.

Look #1

We have in look #1 jeans with a nice vest and a tie to match. With the tie this tends to draw your eyes to the center of the chest. The shirt underneath the vest would look great as well with the sleeves rolled down. This look can work for the office or even on a date. You can add a nice watch to compliment the outfit.

In look #2 this would work great for the guy who likes to be on the go and loves sports. A soft cotton fabric hat to keep warm just in case it gets chilly in the evening. Draw string pants for comfort and depending on the activity a long or short sleeve shirt can work with this outfit. A nice pair of black ankle high shoes or boots to set the look for the outfit.

                Look #2

 Look #3 is for the guy who likes to feel like the rock start. Have you ever seen the movie Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg?  rock_star This next outfit reminds me of that movie. Are you the guy who wants to be the center of attention at a rock concert (besides the band being the center of attention)?

                                Look #3

If you are looking a few accessories to customize your outfit you can add a shoulder bag, a wallet, or even a bracelet.


Ladies I know it can be difficult if you want to get a little gift for your man, but if you know more about what styles he prefers the search will be that much easier. Fashion is a form of art. Fashion is about comfort, your own unique personal touches, fashion is for all shapes and sizes and fashion is what is appealing to you.

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Date: 11/24/2013.