Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Handsome Men

Handsome Men

Some men have looks that are handsome and cute wrapped up in a unique way.  I have my top 3 choices of men that are handsome in different ways. I have noticed woman find men attractive for different reasons. Some ladies like a rough look, an innocent look, and an older man who carries his age well. Another big reason I would say would be a sense of humor. I think with each of the below men they carry those qualities. Most people have heard of the below men.

The late Paul Walker #1 (rip) the innocent looking man

Many ladies loved his curly little locks of blonde/brown hair and his great smile.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men/ photo Paul-Walker-lusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: awardscircut

Paul had such pretty eyes, kind of like the deep blue sea.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men/ photo Paul-Walker-1lusciouslivingtoday-1.jpgImage Source: fanpop

Life is very short, love everyday and don’t look back. Paul was very famous for his role in The Fast and the Furious or Fast and Furious movies, as well as his generous kind nature.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men/ photo paulwalkerlusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: patdollard

The next man would fall under the rough look. This man can appeal for many different reasons and has changed his look with hairstyles over the years with his acting career.

Brad Pitt #2 the rough looking manhttp://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men/ photo bradpittlusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: pinterest

I remember watching Interview with the Vampire and as you know if you watched that movie Brad had very pale skin and his hair was longer just past his shoulders. Some men can wear long or short hair and look good either way. I think Brad is one of those guys that can pull off the look with short or long hair.

Here is one of my favorite looks that Brad had in Interview with the Vampire.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men-2/ photo BradPittlusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: fairiesvampires

This next man is a bit older than Paul and Brad, but for a older man he carries his age very well. Have you ever seen the movie Six Days Seven Nights? If you have than you might have a pretty good idea who I am talking about.

Harrison Ford #3 carries his age well

As you can see below this was a younger picture of Harrison, but he still seemed to have that calm and cool look. I guess some men just know how to pull that off.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men-2/ photo harrisonfordlusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: imgur

Harrison Ford is over 70 and I have to say he sure does take care of himself.http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/handsome-men-2/ photo harrisonfordlusciouslivingtoday-1.jpg Image Source: thewallpapers

I think most ladies would agree that there is something unique about Paul, Brad and Harrison. Some men age better than others. Remember guys ladies love a man with a sense of humor. When you get older looks will only get you so far, but with a great personality and good looks that is a double bonus for the ladies!

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