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Healthy Eating option #1

Healthy Eating option #1

Hi everyone I wanted to share my success of the healthy eating plan I am currently on and have been since January 1, 2014. I have lost just over 9 lbs and I am getting close to the 10 lb mark. Today as I write this it will be day 25 for me since I have been on my personal weight loss journey. Time just seems to fly by.

Below you will find the first option #1 that I am currently doing. In a few weeks I will post option #2 that I might switch too. I will however post the option #2 either way in a few weeks, so please be on the look out for that option as well. I will also do a video on option #1 next weekend where I will talk about how things are going with option #1.

Here we go:

I suggest everyday if you can first thing in the morning to take vitamins. I actually take one of the three following every morning. photo womensonedailyvitaminlusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Image Source: Walmart photo iron.jpg

Image Source: Walmart

BreakfastCup of oats 2-4 ounces of (plain oatmeal) (uncooked) pour water in and mix between 2-6 packets of splenda sweetener. Microwave and add cinnamon (just a sprinkle).  Also either 4 egg whites or 2 of those whole or half small container of egg beaters (the container should say how much each serving is). You can use a measuring cup . Make sure to eat the oatmeal and egg whites together for breakfast. photo b-12.jpg

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Snack– 1 or 2 rice cakes. (I have any of the following flavors) white cheddar, plain, or caramel. I usually try to eat this snack 3 hours max after my breakfast. (this helps to keep the metabolism to be regulated).

Lunch– 2 hours later after the snack. Plain chicken breast or plain chicken grilled strips. Nothing fried at all. You can have the chicken with green lettuce don’t use romaine lettuce.  Next you can use any fat-free dressing. I know fat-free dressing can taste gross, but actually if you get Italian fat-free dressing it tastes almost the same as the regular kind and you aren’t getting any of the fat.

Snack– between 2-2 ½ hours later I will have another rice cake or 2 rice cakes (because I go to the gym after work so I need to have my energy levels up).

Dinner– I will have a Muscle Milk protein RTD (ready to drink) as a meal replacement with a rice cake.

If you do have any fruit that is okay, but try to have sugar-free fruit.

You can buy these great RTD (ready to drink) protein shakes. They are very affordable. If you have one a day and do 6 days a week you can buy 24 total shakes for just over $50.00. This does cut back on cost, because you will already know you have at least 24 days’ worth of one meal a day paid for. Here is a great site you can purchase from. All you have to do is sign up and register to place the order. It doesn’t cost anything to register. photo mm.jpg

Image Source:

Also if you can try not to eat at least 2 -2 ½ hours before you go to bed. I would suggest to drink water, crystal light water, or plain tea (you can add some splenda if needed). I would buy the packets of splenda this way you know exactly how much you are using.  Splenda is a bit expensive if you look at the overall price, but it will last you a while so in the long run the price is actually good.

The great thing about Eating Healthy option #1 is you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you do not have to cook that much. So for people who are on the go this will work great for you.

Citation: main image/loanhomeranger

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