Friday , 23 February 2018
Healthy Eating Option #2

Healthy Eating Option #2

Recently I provided my current diet as I received a lot of feedback from others wanting to know what I was doing as far as my eating. Well I wanted to share with everyone another healthy eating option #2 that you might want to try as well. Some of option #2 is similar to option #1 but there are a few small differences. I hope this helps you in your weight loss journey.

God Bless

MEAL 1- Cup of oats 2-4 ounces of (plain oatmeal) (uncooked) pour water in and mix between 2-6 packets of splenda sweetener. Microwave and add cinnamon (just a sprinkle). Also either 4 egg whites or 2 of those whole or half small container of egg beaters. You can use a measuring cup (the container should say how much each serving is). Make sure to eat the oatmeal and egg whites together for breakfast.

MEAL 2- Chicken breast with salt free seasoning. 1 cup green beans (you can buy fresh or get the frozen kind) microwave for 3-4 min.  Spray with “I can’t believe it’s not butter spray”.

MEAL 3- Muscle milk meal replacement drink (you can buy this off of You have to register for an account it’s free.

MEAL 4- (Post workout) potato and chicken breast.

MEAL 5- Muscle milk meal replacement drink.

MEAL 6-  15 large shrimp cooked in boiled water, put some I can’t believe it’s not butter spray and garlic powder and 1 cup of green beans.

For a snack lightly salted rice cake (option to put natural peanut butter and sugar-free strawberry preserves jelly on it). If you do want to eat a rice cake you can also try the “white cheddar” and “caramel” 

You can switch chicken with tuna, lean red meat, ground turkey, or a veggie burger.


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  • Ellie

    Sounds great! Some lovely meal ideas 🙂


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    • Crystal Duna


      The great thing about these meals they are easy to prepare and not expensive.

  • Crystal Duna


    I know healthy food looks so much more appealing to me then foods that are just fried. I actually just added forums to my blog. Please feel free to post about your blog as well and share with others you know. I have many different topics you can talk about. You can share pictures as well. If you do choose to share photos you can read under the section- Forum News & Announcements I have explained what you will need to do if you do post photos.

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