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Juan Carlos Chavez Execution

Juan Carlos Chavez Execution

The death penalty what are your thoughts on this? For some reason many people seem to have very mixed feelings, about giving a convicted killer the death penalty and in some cases the way the murderer should be killed after receiving the death penalty. You know this really does bring outrage to loved ones who are stuck in the middle with their feelings of what justice should or should not be. I personally feel if someone takes the life of another not in self-defense but just in cold-blood that if they do receive the death penalty they should have done to them what was done to their victim. I know some people might not agree with my opinion and that’s fine, but if you have ever lost a loved one to a horrific murder or have followed many cases about victims the more you know the more you most likely will want justice and in some cases death for the murderer.

I know if someone receives the death penalty it will never bring back the victim and it will never take the pain away from the family and loved ones, but the family of the victim in some cases will feel better knowing the murderer is not breathing the same air as you and I. Another sad fact is the family and friends of the person who committed a murder are also very affected in negative ways as well. It’s sad because in situations of murder everyone actually loses because the events that took place can’t ever be changed as well as the pain can’t ever be changed. photo juancarloschavez.jpg

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I was reading and watched some interviews about a recent case where a Florida man Juan Carlos Chavez was executed by lethal injection on Wednesday February 12, 2014 at 8:17 p.m. for the murder of Jimmy Ryce. The killing took place back in 1995. This case bothers me in many ways. The killer Juan Carlos Chavez got to live for many years after his horrific murder. The victim Jimmy Ryce was just a child. Jimmy was only 9-years old at the time.

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The murder is hard enough to imagine anyone harming another person but when you really think about this happening to an innocent child it just sparks anger on many levels. If you are not familiar with this case and what happened to Jimmy, I will give you a brief history of the events that took place and lead up to the murder of Jimmy.

Back in 1995 Juan kidnapped Jimmy by the use of a gun while forcing Jimmy to get in his truck. Juan lived in a trailer and that is where he took Jimmy. Juan then proceeded to rape 9-year old Jimmy. After the rape Juan was trying to figuring out what to do with Jimmy. From reports the events that took place could have been avoided. Juan could have just faced charges for kidnapping, rape, and a few other chargers that wouldn’t have been murder, but he took it way beyond that and Jimmy lost his life.

Jimmy had tried to escape and this is when Juan made the decision to shoot and kill Jimmy. Juan still kept the body for a couple of days and then he dismembered the boy’s body. After Juan cut up the body he tried to conceal the remains by putting them in planters and then used concrete to seal them.

I can’t even imagine someone doing that. I do think the jury got it right when finding Juan guilty and giving him the death penalty. I feel Juan should have lost all his rights to appeal his case over and over. When an appeal is in process this just prolongs his life and the family just suffers more knowing a brutal killer is still alive. The fact that 19-years went by and the execution just happened is ridiculous!

I hope that Jimmy’s family can start to heal in some ways knowing the scum of the earth Juan is rotting in the after life. I know not everyone believes in the death penalty, but I cant help but side with the family of Jimmy. I can only imagine on some levels what the family has been through. Years of emotional pain one must have strength and support from family and friends. photo jimmyryce1.jpg

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Blessings to Jimmy and the Ryce family may you all find peace the best you can.


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