Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Kanye West you need to RELAX

Kanye West you need to RELAX

Kanye West…marketing genius or public disaster? Ok ok I know what you’re thinking “ugh not another escapade Kanye West acting up in the eye of the public again.” This guy, Kanye West I swear to God a month cannot go by without him tripping up somewhere or causing some type of trouble.

Apparently now he is named a suspect in a battery charge in Beverly Hills. Way to go Kanye great way to start 2014 off by getting your name as a suspect in a high crime! The police gave only a few details namely “The named suspect was identified as Kanye West by the victim and several witnesses.” Apparently this guy was a stupid kid and yelled out a racial expletive at Kim Kardashian. So Mr.Potato “Kanye West” chases him down to prove what? I mean what if the dude had a gun, what if [you can use your imagination insert anything here] I mean really. I’m not saying turn the other cheek but why waste your time even bothering with that unless you were seriously being harmed?

Damn, Kanye you manage to steal the headlines if it isn’t a scuffle with the paparazzi it is Kanye declaring himself the Walt Disney, the Google, the Ghandhi, the Jesus, the genius..the uuggghhh you understand the point I am making. Nothing new to see here folks, just another narcissistic pop star (yes POP I said it) being delusional about his own self-importance.

Here is a tip Kanye, when you’re great you don’t have to scream and declare it every chance you get. The truth is the media loves this guy because he is a walking article the media uses as a punching bag. Which I think frankly is sad because as much as I hate to say it Kanye IS talented, the dude has talent but he is ruining his legacy by constantly making a fool of himself in public.

Kanye, honey, baby…do yourself a favor and stay away from all the drama use all that negative energy and channel it all in the studio homie (little humor for you). The media doesn’t respect you, you are just their punching bag.

I know you’re too cool to care but North West will grow up one day and see how big of a clown daddy West was. Keep that ego in the studio man, you’re talented stop ruining your image and maybe people will take you more seriously and then your fan base might expand and dare I say maybe even increase your record sales?

-Dami D.


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  • Lovejoy Styles

    he is really crazy

    • Crystal Duna

      Yep and you know the thing is, some people just don’t seem to understand just how lucky and fortunate they really are.