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Last Day of Summer 2014

Last Day of Summer 2014

Summer isn’t over just yet, but many people are already looking forward to fall and getting away from the heat. Depending on what type of weather you like the end of summer can be the perfect time of year. The weather will still be great not too hot or too cold.

I found a few great DIY projects that you can do for you backyard. Invite friends and family over and reflect on the fun events that took place over the summer and bring fall in with laughter and fun.

If you are working on a budget because of all the fun things you, your family and friends did over the summer here is a great outdoor DIY you can do, save money and have family time together. The below ideas are so simple but not something everyone would think of doing.

Fire Pit

DIY #1-

DIY Garden Ideas: How to build a Fire Pit

Image source: pinterest /pinner

I really like idea #1 as this is so simple and I like that you can make the fire pit very deep depending on how many layers you build.

DIY #2-

A Quick and Easy Do It Yourself Firepit Surround so they tell me!

Image source: pinterest / indulgy.com

The second fire pit is great because it allows for very easy cleanup but does limit just how much you can put in the container for your fire. This idea might be great for beginners who are not used to a fire pit.

DIY #3-

Last Day of Summer 2014 photo b0315f4d7c7d9a540ca2d8816268b210.jpg

Image source: pinterest /pinner

The third idea is great because it can be used in 2 different ways. First, you can use the pit as a barbecue . If you like to cook outside this will work just fine. Second, you can also switch back and forth from the barbecue to the fire pit. This would be great for all of you smores lovers yummy.

The 3 DIY ideas are so simple and can help you save money rather than paying someone else to design the fire pit for you. You will have a feeling of accomplishment of your great work. All the ideas can also be a great bonding project for family and friends. Plus you will have a great outside space to keep you warm in the cooler months.

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