Tuesday , 23 January 2018


I recently watched a great movie starring Nicolas Cage called “Left Behind”. It came out in 2014 but I watched it in 2015. I actually had never heard of the movie before. Since I don’t have cable TV I don’t really know what movies are coming out until they are out on Nextflix or at a Redbox. I really do recommend watching this movie and keeping an open mind. I also suggest to not make any judgement based on thoughts you may have about God.

I am not one to ever push my beliefs on other people as I have several friends who don’t believe in God and I understand that is their beliefs. I am a very spiritual person and have always believed in God (I have had my doubts in the past at different times, but still believed in the lord). I know there is a higher power. If you watch this movie with an open mind you might view the way you live your life differently and how you treat others.

I know many people say “How can God be real and let such bad things happen in the world or all the violence and killings that happen keep happening?” We are not always meant to understand why such bad things happen and who they happen to. You are in charge of your own life and the path of destiny in which you go through. There have been times in my life I questioned if God was really around. I lost my father when I was 16 to AIDS and that was a very hard time for me and I had doubt many times about the lord and why he would let what happened to my father happen.

We also have to know and learn in life that when things happen that are out of our control it is the lessons we learn and how we deal with situations the best we can. We can’t control the thinking or actions of others, but only our own actions. Think about a time you had a thought or thoughts already set in your mind about a person, place, or thing,  and you were certain you were right about what you felt or thought and nothing anyone said would ever change your mind.

Have you ever made a judgement about a person before you met them? Most of us have at some point in our life maybe when we were younger or even as you have aged. If you already set a thought pattern of negative thoughts about people, places, and things you are really kind of creating a negative thought pattern and behavior that sets the tone for how you are as a person. There is a difference between the reality of how a person, place, or thing is and then there is the false reality that you might be creating in your own mind. So I say to keep an open mind when you watch Left Behind.

The main message in Left Behind is about “The Rapture from God”. Even though I believe in God, Angels, Heaven and Hell, I had never really read up on the Rapture. If you are spiritual person like I am when you watch the movie it might make perfect sense to you. I don’t want to say too much and give the movie away. If you are person who is selfish, cheats, lies, puts on a false front of who you really are inside to manipulate others for your own personal satisfaction this might make you rethink about things  you have done in the past and maybe still are doing and how you have treated others. Remember things you say and do are not just affecting you, but affect others maybe more than you think. Since you are still alive you have a chance to try to make things right in your life and with those you may have hurt.

I have felt for many years that when we die that we will go to a good place or bad place depending on what type or person you really are. Believe me there are some very good-looking people who have such ugly personalities that looks go right out the door. When your time comes and you have to face things that you did in your past or how you really were as a person you might really want to try to fix the things you can in the present and the people you may have hurt. Let’s face it you know if you are not being a good honest person and treating others with good intentions. We don’t always have to like others but how you handle yourself is the key to being a good person on the inside.

The choices we make in life not only affect us but others. One day when you crossover you might to come face-to-face with some demons from your past. I do believe at some point we all answer for certain things we have done, actions that might have hurt others and selfish ways we might have lived our life at different times. My advice treat others how you want to be treated. I made a big decision in 2015 actually at the beginning of January to try as much as I can to keep the negative things or people who I can out of my life. If something or someone doesn’t serve a purpose of positive feelings or thoughts for me, I want that person, place, or thing out of my life. I also know that there are people and things in life I can’t totally have out of my life 100%, but I can disassociate myself on some levels to allow for happiness and peace.

Even if things can’t be changed forgiveness really does come from inside you. Holding onto anger just hurts you more. Just because you may forgive someone for hurting you, doesn’t mean you forget or even have to associate with that person maybe as much as you did before. It does help to heal you inside when you let go of anger or hate for another person. It takes a lot more energy to carry around negative thoughts and hate for how another person may have hurt you. Life is not perfect and we all have bad days but hopefully as you grow as a person and maybe even after watching Left Behind it will make you really think about how you want to live your life and the people and things you will accept in your life as well as get rid of the things and people you don’t want in your life.


Main image source: movieweb.com