Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Mail Service

Mail Service

Have you ever paid for something online just so you can avoid having to go in person and deal with long lines and maybe tons of people in a small crowded place? If you answered yes, then you will totally understand my frustration with the USPS and just how crummy of a job depending on where you live your mail service carrier just might be.

The state where I live you can pay to renew you tags and registration for your vehicle online so you don’t have to go deal with the long lines and germ infested environment of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). I paid well in advance about 12 days before my tags were getting ready to expire.

As each day passed and it was getting closer to my expiration date for the 2 items I paid for,  I was wondering what was going on and why I had not received my tags or registration yet. I had 5 days left before my information would expire. I called the DMV and I was told when my stuff was mailed out which was 1 day after I paid online.

This was a bit bothersome as I was on hold for 1 hour just to have a 5 minute conversation and to be told if I didn’t get my tags and registration in the next 4 days I would have to go in person to the DMV. I explained to the lady I was speaking with that I didn’t feel that was right as I did what I was needed and now I am going to have to deal with an inconvenience due to the mail carrier not delivering my items.

Surely enough that Friday when I got off work I had to go to the DMV. I was not a happy camper at all. I had to deal with a very rude lady that asked me what I was there for. I briefly explained and she looked at me like I was an idiot. Clearly she wasn’t listening very well to what I was telling her because I told her about the mail service and that my address was correct, and I am not even kidding you not even 5 seconds later she said “Did you have the correct address are you sure your address was correct?” I looked at her and said “Yes, I just got done telling you I had the correct address”.

I guess if I would have had a q-tip I could have handed her one so she could have cleaned her ears out. A little humor for you, but she was very rude and really wasn’t listening to anything I had said. I had to take a lovely little paper number and just wait. The whole time I am thinking “this is such garbage I have to sit here and wait when this was exactly what I tried to avoid that’s why I paid online”.

The mail service where I live really needs to get it together. The part that is frustrating the most is that literally it’s a 20-30 minute distance from where the tags and registration were mailed from. I don’t understand how the postal service can be so irresponsible and not deliver me these items, which are in one envelope. It has now been 20 days since I paid for the tags and registration and still have not received them. Clearly I wouldn’t be using them as I had to go in person and get copies, but it’s the point that something so simple can’t even be done by the USPS. This isn’t a matter of someone going and stealing my mail as the only people who have access to my mail box are the USPS, my fiance, and myself. My advice if you trying to save yourself any headaches and pay for something online, just be prepared you might end up having to do what I did and go in person.