Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Men’s Summer Swimwear

Men’s Summer Swimwear

Guys summer is almost here so make a splash with the perfect swimwear. Some places depending on where you live it feels like summer has arrived already but not for a few more weeks. If you have been working on your tan in the tanning salon or working out in the fall, winter, and spring to prepare for summer well now is your chance to show off all your hard work by getting outdoors and enjoying the great weather that summer will bring.

Below I picked some great looks that most men can wear depending on what type of body you have, the type of look you prefer and what you feel the most comfortable wearing. Sometimes certain gatherings with friends and family can help you decide what would be the most appropriate swimwear to wear.

Look #1

These are comfortable and will help with keeping most of your legs covered. Guys if you are shy about your legs this is the look for you.

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Source: pinterest/bonobos.com

Look #2

If you have an athletic look and like to go running on the beach or through the park or just chill at the pool this pair of shorts might be the perfect fit and look for you. The material is silky which will feel great on the legs.

Source: pinterest/daviddust.blogspot.com

Look #3

If you are the guy who loves the beach and feels brave wearing small bottoms then these ones might be the choice for you.

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