Friday , 23 February 2018
Missing: Leanne Hecht Bearden

Missing: Leanne Hecht Bearden

Some of you may have heard about the recent disappearance of Leanne Hecht Bearden. Leanne went missing on January 17, 2014 sometime in the afternoon while she was visiting her in-laws in Texas. Leanne went for a walk and no one has seen or heard from her sense. It makes me very sad knowing that people are not even safe these days just going for a simple walk.

Missing person cases are very bother some to me in the fact that some missing person cases never get solved. I can’t even imagine how family and friends feel having to go through such mental torture with each day passing. It would have to feel as if time was just standing still. I want to make people more aware of what is going on in the world. A sad fact of reality sometimes when someone goes missing the coverage that should be provided by the media isn’t always the case.

Many times when the media stops discussing details about a missing person and the coverage has went away, the family is still left with unanswered questions and feelings of anger, hurt, sadness among many other feelings that are hard to put into words.

We as a society need to ban together and be united as one. Let me tell you it doesn’t matter what religion, age, gender, or race you are because at the end of the day when someone is missing we need to work together. If it was your loved one I am sure you would do everything in your power to find your missing loved one.

The Houston police department has had several reports on sightings of ladies that look like Leanne, but clearly none of the tips have panned out in favor of finding Leanne just yet. In a missing persons case with every minute and day that passes by the family suffers that much more wondering what has happened to their loved one. Leanne has a strong support system rooting for her and her family. Please help and spread the word to others to show your support. We don’t want this to turn into a cold case and not know anything for years and years.

The area where Leanne vanished from was Garden Ridge,Texas while she was at her in-laws. A search of at least 23 miles with 145 people was conducted and nothing was found to bring any comfort to the family. Please help bring Leanne Hecht Bearden home to her loved ones.

God Bless

Below is a picture of Leanne and her husband.

 photo LeanneHechtBearden1lusciouslivingtoday.jpgImage Source: Facebook

Remember just because you might think it can’t happen to you or someone you know it most certainly can.


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