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NDE (Near Death Experience)

NDE (Near Death Experience)

Are you religious or spiritual? Maybe perhaps you are both religious and spiritual which it’s possible to be both. I believe in GOD, Heaven and Hell. Even though I believe in GOD I am more spiritual than religious. When I was younger, meaning younger as a kid before I hit my teen years I would go to church with my father’s (GOD rest your soul dad) mother which is my grandma. I know many people don’t believe in GOD or even like to hear the word GOD. I actually have some friends who don’t believe in GOD at all they don’t think he has ever been real in the past, present or will be in the future. Some of the people I personally know that don’t believe in GOD actually call themselves an “Atheist”- a person who doesn’t believe GOD to exist. This is the definition that I have heard those people use for “Atheist”. I suppose everyone has his or her own opinion of what “Atheist” really means. A meaning can vary from person to person. 

I have never been one to push my beliefs on others. I have had my own personal experiences that I know are true and are as real as can be. There will always be those who will have doubt, or just plan don’t want to hear talks of GOD, NDE, Life after death experience, or even heaven. I don’t care if others don’t believe me and my personal story, but I am still going to share it because I feel blessed everyday to be alive and I know the things that happened to me where real. Did you know that a NDE (Near Death Experience) does not always mean that you have died and crossed over to the other side? A NDE can be a combination of a few things. I have provided at least four for you.

Just ask and you shall receive.

Just ask and you shall receive.

First, you have mentally and physically died and crossed over to the other side meaning Heaven or Hell. Second, you could be in a coma for a period of time and cross over as well. Third, you might have an experience where you didn’t die or stay in a coma, but in fact had a very serious accident where you could have died or were seriously injured (which I will share my personal story about what happened to me later). Lastly you could have constant visions or messages from GOD and your Angels.

God Bless you......

GOD Bless you……

NDE is not something that everyone experiences. For those of you that have had an NDE experience once and in some cases more than once, will understand exactly what I am talking about as you read this post in this section of my blog. Not every NDE experience is the same for each person. As well not every NDE is a good experience at first either. You must learn from your own experience and learn what your purpose is in this world while you are alive.

I truly believe if someone has been blessed with talent, fame, money, skills , knowledge, and many other things that you should help others in some way. Greed, selfish ways, hate for others, and jealousy that you live your life by now will not get you anywhere positive in the after life. If you are a person of wealth and don’t have to struggle for money, the act of caring and helping those less fortunate should be something you might want to start thinking about. As we know not everyone is blessed with wealth, but might be blessed with knowing how to love others and be compassionate towards others. If you have been blessed there is a reason why.

Wings of love......

Wings of love……

I am not saying you should just give your money away, but what I am saying is if you see a person struggling for money try to help them out. You would be surprised just how far $20 bucks can help out someone less fortunate. This could be gas in a car, help with food for the week, or even towards bills. Maybe you know of a job you could help someone out with. You would also be surprised how something that might not seem like that big of a deal to you, can actually have a positive impact on another person. Think back to a time when you might have felt very sad or felt as though you had no one who cared about you. Maybe you were having money problems, went through a bad break up, family troubles, or even had suicide thoughts. All of these things can show you lessons of how you can help others and make a difference in another persons life.

I know some of you might be thinking “how could thinking of committing suicide help others?”. What I mean by this is if you have ever tried to commit suicide or thought about it, clearly you are here for a reason and you can share your personal experience with others that might be having the same thoughts. Life experiences can show us how to share with others. Yes this can be uncomfortable but sometimes the greatest challenges can offer the best feeling of accomplishment. Maybe you had a loved one who committed suicide sharing your story with others might just prevent one person from taking his or her life. You can express just how much people do care and love them and they would be missed. Suicide really is a selfish act in a sense meaning that the pain loved ones will go through after a person has died will never be taken back. There are unanswered questions loved ones will live with for the rest of their lives. Remember you can be a Guardian Angel to others.


A brief story about me. I was in a very dark, deep depression when I was about 17 or 18 and felt as though my life was never going to get better and I didn’t want to live anymore. I had thought over and over how it would just be better if I wasn’t around anymore. I thought of many different ways of how I could take my life. I came from a bad child hood growing up and actually moved out at the age of 16. My father had passed away when I was 16, looking back now I was still trying to heal from the pain of my father’s death and I never talked to anyone about how I was hurting inside. I had a feeling like I was alone and could only depend on myself. I mean I was 16 my father had recently passed away and I moved out on my own with no more than $100, a suitcase full of clothes, and a bus ticket from Florida back to Michigan. I felt that GOD had taken many things from me in so many ways and I never understood why the things that were happening to me were. My answers or so I thought at the time was just to end my life. I felt it wouldn’t really make a difference to anyone if I was gone. I mean my family was never close and still really isn’t that close to this day. I do love my family though. You don’t always have to see family to know you love them and miss them.

After I had numerous thoughts over and over about taking my life I actually attempted to kill myself with taking some over the counter pills. I just got really sick and threw up and cried because I actually told GOD that I just wanted to die and asked GOD to just kill me. I felt so lost and hopeless in my life during this period. I remember the one thing that finally changed my ways and thoughts about ending my life was the same thought that I kept thinking non stop “what if my family really will miss me and they do love me”. I came to a clear way of thinking and knowing that I was just being selfish and only thinking about myself and not the pain I would cause my loved ones. I knew deep down that if I did take my life my loved ones would have experienced so much pain, and confusion. I would have caused pain that words can’t fully describe the reality of one selfish decision and the effect on my loved ones. I do believe if I had taken my life that I would have went to Hell and had to answer to Jesus for my selfish act. I can’t say this enough “no matter how tough a situation might seem or how hurt you are don’t ever, ever, ever take your own life”. GOD Bless to you.

Angels send messages in many different ways…..

Be an Angel for at least one person in your life.....

Be an Angel for at least one person in your life…..

Now I am not trying to persuade anyone to believe the personal experiences I have had, but I am in fact sharing personal things from my life. You can believe me or not, but I know what I am saying is true without a doubt (and no I am not going crazy). Have you ever had a day that you will remember for the rest of your life? A significance of a date or event that know matter how hard you try to not think about it the memory of what happened you will never forget? This could be something good or bad. A perfect example a woman who gives birth will remember this day forever. Such a blessing from GOD.  

A day of significance for me and my NDE (near death experience) happened on February 24, 2013. This date will be one I will remember for the rest of my life for a number of reasons. I first and foremost want to thank GOD and my Angels for saving me and protecting me so I can share my story with you. I also want to thank the love of my life Damaris and his amazing family who have been so loving to me, and my family who kept checking on me with phone calls to make sure I was okay. My mom, my sister, my older brother, and my other brother who lives in Arkansas, my aunt, my brothers wife, as well as close friends.

Now as I stated earlier that not every NDE is the same. What happened to me was something I never seen coming. I was up early this day about 6 am and had to have some fasting blood work drawn. I don’t like needles at all, but it wasn’t a big deal for me to get the blood work done. After my blood draw I grabbed a bite to eat on my way home. When I got home I felt really tired as I knew I had waited too long to eat and my blood sugar levels got low. So after eating I decided to lay down for nap. I slept on and off pretty much the whole day. I knew I had to get up eventually as I had somethings I needed to take care of and go to work later that night.

When I woke up I felt really out of it and just not very well at all. I felt physically like something was wrong with me and the feeling kept getting stronger and stronger as the night went on. I remember telling Damaris that I didn’t want to go in to work I felt weird and he tried to get me to stay home, but I wouldn’t listen. I guess I was being a bit stubborn. My big mistake I should have listened for sure. Looking back on the events that took place, I wish I would have just stayed home and listened to my inner self as well listened to Damaris.

So stubborn me ended up going to work. As the night went on I felt like I was in a daze, and in a fog like I was walking on a cloud or something. It’s kind of hard to explain. I remember looking at the time and it was 12:30. Then next thing I know I am waking up in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in a neck brace, IV’s in me, I am in an extreme amount of pain I can’t barely move, I am crying and freaking out, and it’s 3:00. I had no clue what the heck was going on. I was scared because of not knowing why I was in the hospital, what happened to me exactly, and I didn’t know what had been done to me. It was such an uncomfortable feeling knowing I was in the ICU and naked under my hospital gown knowing I have no memory of what happened.

Well shortly after I woke up a friend of mine was sitting next to me in a chair. Of course I am confused as can be wondering what the heck happened. How could I not have any memory at all from 12:30-3:00 (almost 3 hrs no memory)?. How is this possible? I thought and felt like I was in a bad dream and just wanted to wake up. So many feelings and emotions going through my mind at once. You could say I gave the term “racing thoughts” a new meaning. Damaris showed up and was by my side and I told my friend I was thankful for her being there for me and she tried to explain what she was told happened to me and then she wished me to get better and left to go home.

Damaris stayed with me throughout my stay at the hospital. I was in the hospital for a few days, but if felt much longer because I couldn’t sleep I was in so much pain. Well I found out from the doctors exactly what happened. I was told I fell from about 4-5 feet high off of a step, landed on the right side of my body, I had fractured my skull on the ride side of my head and behind my right ear, I had bleeding and swelling on my brain, I wasn’t able to hear out of my right ear at all, I also had bleeding in the right ear, I bruised my lungs, and I was unconscious for about 3 hrs.

I was told by the doctors even when I leave the hospital during my healing process and long-term that I might have seizures, not be able to hear out of my right ear at all ever, I might be paralyzed on the right side of my body, I would have delayed memory, it will take a while for me to get my balance to be able to walk having stability, and the injury to my brain and head is serious enough that I might need surgery, and the pain I feel in my head they weren’t sure exactly how long it would take to get better and if I would recover enough from the headaches and pressure on my brain.

The feelings I had are hard to describe fully. I was so sad and I felt like my life changed in the blink of an eye and things changed for the worst. My biggest concern was if I have to get surgery on my brain that I wouldn’t come out the same person. Brain surgery is very serious and many people who do have brain surgery just are not the same and forgot different parts of their life and not having a memory of part of your life is so scary. I was also thinking I was going to be handicapped and be a burden on Damaris. I know he loves me unconditional, but I still was worried. I just couldn’t understand how the accident could have happened. The doctors couldn’t even explain how this happened to me. It’s one thing to have a serious fall, but to be unconscious for many hours and not slip into a coma is something that they just couldn’t tell me.

After Damaris and I learned more of what happened and what the healing process would be, Damaris had his family come up to the hospital. His grandpa said a prayer for me by my bedside in Romanian. They speak Romanian so I wasn’t sure exactly what was being said, but I was so thankful to everyone being there and showing me how much they cared and loved me in showing all the support they could.

The healing process was really rough for the first 2-3 months. My head literally felt like someone took a baseball bat to my head and just kept bashing it in constantly while squeezing my head tight as can be almost like a death grip on your life. A good comparison when you have a dishcloth or towel you are trying to squeeze to get all the water out the pressure of the squeeze. I wasn’t able to sleep laying flat on my back, my stomach or either side of my body. If I tried to lay on the right side of my body I couldn’t because within seconds the pain and pressure on my brain was unbearable. I had to sleep sitting up at an angle. I can honestly say the pain I physically felt is the worst pain I have ever suffered.

As my healing progressed the head pain slowly started to decrease I was slowly getting my hearing back in my right ear and I was able to walk steady without getting light-headed and I was getting my balance back without having to hold onto something. You see the healing process was hard for me because I had always worked out and when my accident happened it put an end to working out for a while. It took me about 7 months before I could get back into the gym. I had to be very careful and have patience and not over push myself. I wasn’t able to do any heavy lifting or anything that required me to move up and down while standing or back and forth while standing. When I tried to do cardio I would have to sit on a bike because my balance still wasn’t 100% and I learned to listen to my body if something felt off. I am not going to say I am 100% back to my old self still in the present time, but my headaches are not as often as they were, now I have them about 2-3 times a week and they don’t last all day anymore and I have been slowly able to increase my strength.

Looking back on my experience I am actually thankful for the things I have learned and somethings that have happened since my accident. I no longer work two jobs, hold grudges towards others that have hurt me, I am forgiving of those who have hurt me, I pray everyday, I am more open to sharing personal life experiences, I have more patience than I did before, I don’t stress over the small things in life like I did before, I try my best to stay away from negative situations or negative people, I used to take sleeping pills as I have chronic insomnia and I don’t take sleeping pills anymore, I also listen to my body if something doesn’t feel right like not feeling well, and most important I have asked GOD to forgive me for my sins and others I may have hurt.

Heaven waits for you. GOD welcomes you with open arms.

Heaven waits for you. GOD welcomes you with open arms.

Some other positive things that happened to me, I feel the presence of my Angels more and I am much more spiritual than I was before, I am in tune more with the blessings and calling that GOD has for me. I as well keep coming across feathers. If you know anything about feathers they are signs from your Angels. I know that might sound silly to some people, but anyone who is spiritual will understand exactly what I am talking about and I as well come across the #11 on average 8-10 times a day. The #11 is significant in the fact that it is also signs from your angels of messages they are trying to send to you. Sometimes these can be warnings if you are in danger, but otherwise signs of what you should be looking for a paying attention to. Remember what I said before Angels send messages in many ways not always the ways you think. Messages are different for each person. So the important thing is to pay attention.

If you have been blessed like myself from GOD and Angels always be thankful, pray and ask for forgiveness, be thankful for loved ones. I have found that my calling from GOD after my NDE is to help others and write on my blog which I started after my accident in the summer. If you ask most people who have experienced NDE they will tell you that their life has changed in a drastic way for the better. You will find what you purpose is in life and start working on building your future. I am thankful everyday that I survived my NDE. GOD and my Angels have always been a part of my life.

I want to share with you three YouTube videos of where people did crossover and had a bad experience. You might learn something. I hope that you do, but if not the sign for you to understand just hasn’t hit you yet. Each person and the beliefs vary from person to person. Only you will know when and how to accept GOD into your life.

The real truth.....

The real truth…..

This is creepy.

This is creepy.






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  • Kimberly J

    Crystal I am so glad you have healed from your NDE. I had no idea this happened but glad to hear you had angels watching over you :-))

    • Crystal Duna

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel blessed everyday knowing things could have been worse. Thank you for taking the time to ready my story. I also posted a YouTube video here on my blog under the Video section. If you cant watch the whole thing, I hope that whatever parts you do watch it provides you with what you need for your journey in life. God bless to you and the family.