Wednesday , 24 January 2018
Netflix vs Hulu Plus

Netflix vs Hulu Plus

Are you familiar with Netfilx and Hulu Plus? Many people who don’t have cable or do also subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus. I am currently a member of both as I don’t have cable, so both of them work just fine. Each streaming plan has a few differences from the other.

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are affordable. Actually if you have a membership for both, its cheaper than if you had cable. There are positive and negatives as well for each one. I suppose it depends on what you like to watch. There is a good variety for each as well.

Netflix regular memberships are $8.99 a month. That is very affordable and you can have several different profiles on 1 account. For example if you love scary movies and you also have children and they don’t like scary movies, you can create a profile for your children so this way when your children want to watch something you would click on their profile and Netflix would recommend things to watch based on what your child likes.

You can also save your favorite selection of movies on your profile. There is a section called “My List” and this will have the movies you added to that section. Another great thing about Netflix is they don’t have commercials for shows or movies like Hulu Plus does.

I only really have 2 negatives with Netflix. 1- There are not enough reality shows. 2- If there is a reality show, when the next season starts they don’t always have it.  A perfect example if you have watched the show Revenge, Netflix only has the first 3 seasons. Season 4 and many episodes from season 4 have already been shown for several weeks, so I don’t understand why Netflix would have the first 3 seasons, but not season 4. That’s like you watching a movie  but only being able to watch the first half because the second half is not going to show. So I would have to say Netflix needs to step up their game in both areas. Overall on a scale of 5, I would give a 4 1/2.

Hulu Plus is also very affordable and costs $7.99 a month. If you like reality shows  you will have a wide variety to choose from. You will also have a great selection of networks to choose from. If you like Bravo, FX, NBC, A&E, Animal Planet, and many others you might just have found your entertainment for a while.

There are 2 things I wish Hulu Plus would change. For many of the reality shows, but not all you have to connect to a TV provider. This would be fine if all cable companies were listed, but they are not. I have Century link (which I will be changing in the near future) and that cable company is not an option to choose when you do have to connect to a TV provider to watch a certain show.

There are still plenty of shows you can watch and watch full episodes, but I wish Hulu Plus would change the process when you want to watch a certain show, as Netflix doesn’t have their customers connect to a TV provider. Also sometimes there will be a few days of a delay before Hulu Plus will update reality shows with a new episode. The movie selection could be better for sure. The last thing I really think Hulu Plus needs to change is it plays way to many advertisement commercials. The commercials are not long, but it just seems like this is an easy fix to  do away with. My rating for Hulu Plus gets a 4 1/2 out of 5 just like Netflix.

Overall I think depending on what you like you can find positives and negatives with each company. I plan to keep my memberships with both as I life different shows and movies. Netflix is more for movies, and Hulu Plus is more for reality shows.



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