Tuesday , 23 January 2018
New Year’s Resolution 2015

New Year’s Resolution 2015

Can you believe 2014 is almost over already? I feel like the older I get each year just goes by faster than the previous year. Of course with the New Year approaching many people are talking about a resolution or resolutions they have. I know getting in better shape is #1 for many of us. I know I had this resolution for 2014.

Sometimes we can’t always stick to the resolution due to things that might be out of our control. Just because you try at something and might not get where you wanted to be 100% doesn’t mean you just gave up. Learn from life lessons and you will succeed in anything you do. Life is not about being perfect but about trying the best you can.

I say 2015 is a great time to think about what you would like to improve on within you. Know what is really important and who is really important in your life. If someone or something does not show you positive support or surround you with positive feelings than it might be time to changes things up a bit.

I have 3 major life changing things I am going to work on for 2015. I will share 1 of them. One of my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions is to keep a daily journal. This might sound silly to some people, but journals are a great way to express how you are feeling day-to-day. A journal is also great so you can look back on your life and things you have been through.

Best wishes to all for a great 2015

God Bless

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