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New Year’s Resolutions……

New Year’s Resolutions……

Can you believe 2013 is already almost over? Time just seems to fly by faster and faster each year. It seems not so long ago people were celebrating the end of 2012 and bringing in the New Year of 2013. We are now heading to the end of 2013 and getting excited for 2014. How many of you each and every year or almost every year make the so-called “New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions”?

New Years can be a time to reflect on what you went through and learned in the previous year and what you would like to change in the New Year.  

Since many people make a New Year’s Resolution figuring out just how to stick with it, can be a challenge on its own. I suggest making a realistic resolution so this way you wont get upset or feel frustrated if you don’t reach your goal of meeting your resolution in a certain time frame. Some New Year’s resolutions can be achieved in a shorter amount of time depending on what your goal is. New Year’s resolutions can range from going to church, paying off bills, buying a house, being nicer to others, making new friends, figuring out how to be happy in everything you do, getting a new job, being more positive, even stopping an addiction such as smoking or drinking. Below are two great tips for 2014 New Year’s resolutions.

Social Media Resolution….

Tip #1- Social Media can be positive and is great for connecting with others, meeting new people, knowing what is going on with family, friends, and even job prospecting. Social Media at times can also be a bit negative. If you have a Facebook you will know what I am talking about. Most people I have talked with or from posts I have read have experienced negative things at times while being on Facebook. How many of you know someone whether it’s a family member or friend who always posts nothing but negative stuff? You know the people who do nothing but complain and have the feel sorry for me attitude. I personally use Facebook to stay in touch with family that I don’t get to see in person or friends that I don’t get to see either.

I like to know what is going on with the people closest in my life, but at times it gets to be a bit much when I see nothing but negative posts over and over from some of the same people. A great way to solve this and something I actually will be doing starting on 2014 New Year’s, I will be deleting some people off of my page. I will also be taking some people out of my news feed so I wont have to see anymore post from them, unless I choose to go to his or her page. I actually know a few people who are going to delete their Facebook all together and have posted this because they have reached a point of not wanting to see the constant complaints that some people post.

Getting Weight Off Resolution…..

Tip #2- Getting weight off can be one of the most difficult challenges for almost anyone. The average weight gain during the holidays mostly starting in November going through New Year’s Eve ranges between 3-10 pounds. This might not seem like a big amount, but as many of you know weight goes on so much easier than it does coming off. If  you do decide to choose weight loss as your resolution then I suggest you set realistic expectations of what you can achieve in a healthy way.

Some of the worst ways to achieve your weight loss are to go on a crash diet eating only 1-2 meals a day, taking diet pills, or having your calories so low that you are nothing but fatigued and just want to sleep. Weight loss is very hard and the time and effort are a must. Depending on how fast your metabolism works getting the weight off can be harder for some people. If you do have a slow metabolism you will just have to be more patient. When I say a slow metabolism I am talking about Hypothyroidism.

A great site to access for medical knowledge if you are not sure what specific medical words mean you can look over the Mayo Clinic site. The Mayo Clinic provides a great definition of what Hypothyroidism is:

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones. Hypothyroidism upsets the normal balance of chemical reactions in your body.

I personally have Hypothyroidism so I know exactly how hard weight loss can be as well as staying on track with taking medication as well as getting blood work done to make sure thyroid levels are balanced out with medication. So if you are making weight loss your goal for 2014 just remember to be patient. If you eat a healthy diet and work out 3-4 days a week you should be able to lose 1-2 pounds a week. If you want to lose 10 pounds keep in mind the closer you get to your goal the last few pounds can be the hardest to get off because your body can plateau. If this happens for you it might just be a matter of switching  up what you are eating and when you are eating or even changing up your workout.

Check out this link about weight loss plateau from the Mayo Clinic:

A great way to know your true weight is by stepping on a scale first thing when you wake up on an empty stomach and without clothes. Ladies remember when you are close to your menstrual cycle it’s not a good time to check your weight because you will be holding water weight so the numbers on the scale will show more than when you are off of your cycle.

Sometimes when you are in your progress of getting weight off the numbers on the scale wont always go down and at times can go up. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Another great way to monitor your weight loss is to take measurements of your chest, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, and calves. Try to also take progress pics from different angles. If you truly want to see how your body looks from all angles don’t suck in your stomach , remember to stand up straight, don’t put hands on your hips because that will draw attention to that part of your body.

You want to focus on your whole body not just one part. Great posture in pictures can change how your body looks. You can take a picture of the whole front part of you body as well as the back part of your body and take full body side shots (left side and right side). I suggest after you take the pics you label each with the exact date when you took the picture. If you do decide to take progress pictures try to wear the same thing each time because this will help you see the changes in specific areas over time. Remember the camera doesn’t lie. Keep stress to a low, because stress can make you hold onto weight.

Stay positive, loving, happy, and healthy in 2014.

God Bless to you……..

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Date: 12/23/13