Tuesday , 23 January 2018
No Cell Phones when eating

No Cell Phones when eating

Cell phones are a great way to stay connected with family, friends, networking, helping others in need, and even saving lives. Did you know many people would rather text someone then actually pick up the phone to have a verbal conversation? Communication used to be so different before cell phones started becoming more popular.

When I think back to when I was growing up mostly everyone had a phone that was either a home phone attached to the wall or was just a cordless phone that had to stay at the home in order to work properly. If someone did have a phone that could be used when on the go and not at home, the phones were big and bulky and not small enough to fit in a pocket or even a small hand bag. I swear the kids and teenagers of today would have thought the world was coming to an end if they would have to walk around with a big bulky phone. You know it just wouldn’t be as cool and hip as the cell phones kids have these days.
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It seems the way people communicate will never go back to the simple ways of life and a family sitting down to have a meal and interact with each other. So this brings me to my point about cell phones. I feel when you are eating and kids are at the table kids shouldn’t be able to use their cell phone or any other electronic devices that could take his or her attention away from spending time as a family together.

If parents want to set rules and be a good example for children then the adults should somehow show their kids that family time is very important and unless you have an emergency a cell phone should not be used at the table as well as other electronic devices. Many parents are working so hard and don’t get to spend enough time with their children. I feel when you do have that little amount of time to spend as a family you need to spend it in a healthy way by communication that doesn’t involve any distractions at the table when eating. Cell phones are a huge distraction that even adults have a hard time breaking away from at times.

I have heard many times parents say “If I tell my son or daughter they can’t use their cell phone at the table they get mad at me”. Well you are the parent and they are not so what you say and allow goes. If your child does get mad, chances are the world is not going to come to an end just because he or she could not use their cell phone at the table.

When you sit down to eat this should be a time to bond and become closer as a family. Not where everyone goes and eats in different rooms. I wish when I was growing up I would have come from a close family and  we would have had meals at the table that would have brought us closer together and we would have enjoyed those times together, but this rarely ever happened.

If  your kids get mad because you tell him or her they can’t  bring their cell phone to the table, let them get mad for a few minutes and then explain to them just how important it is to spend the time you do get together as a family without any distractions. Life is so short so remember anytime you get to be with loved ones it’s better than not having anytime at all.