Tuesday , 23 January 2018


Ladies now that we are in spring and summer will be here in a few months makeup companies are coming up with new and exciting makeup to grab the attention of beauty lovers from all ages and skin tones.

If you love spring and love bright colors then you might love some of the great colors NYX cosmetics has come out with. I am actually going to try 3 of the colors and I will do a follow-up post about the colors and how I like them.

Below you will see the awesome colors for spring and summer. I think with the colors choosing which one will work with your skin tone is important. For example I can’t were any shade of pink lipstick it just looks funny on me.

I look better in natural colors, purple, and browns. When you do use a lip color it’s always better to apply a little and add more as needed.

http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/nyx-macaron-lippies/ photo NYXMacaronLippies.jpg

As you can see in the above images some of the colors are a little shocking to look at, but then again beauty is about trying new things. I am going to try the Violet, Lavender, and Black Sesame.

I will post an update with pictures of each of the three colors, as well and I will give my honest feedback on each of the colors as well.


  • SeeReeNa R

    love how you take the picture of your lips , so playful and sexy


    • Crystal Duna


      Thanks for the compliment, but the pictures are not of me. I will be putting some up after I try the colors out that I ordered