Friday , 23 February 2018
Olay great skin products

Olay great skin products

I wanted to share my reviews on a few great products from Olay or as some of you know Oil of Olay. I have always had very sensitive skin. It took me years to figure out what would work best to use as a moisturizer on my face and body. You know in the winter months depending on where you live, you need to really protect your skin just as much as you do in the summer.

Keeping your skin healthy, silky, smooth all over, and feeling fresh all year around is very important. Of course you should understand drinking plenty of fluids (water) helps as well.

Since I went through a phase and I was trying many different types of moisturizer for my face and body when I came across Olay I was a little hesitant at first for two reasons. First, with my skin being so sensitive I wasn’t sure if my face would be more irritated. Second, the price for some of the products I thought was a little expensive, but then after I started using various products from Olay I realized that I would use very little every day, so the money was being spent well and I wouldn’t need to purchase products every month.

If you are a lady that is a little more mature in age (meaning 30 years old and up) you might really like this product. It’s in the above picture at the top of this article (I will post it below for you to see again). What I love about this product is you do not, I repeat do not need very much at all for your face and neck. If you put too much on  your skin will feel a little greasy. Less is better for sure and if you notice after putting the cream on your face and neck you still feel a little dry just add a fingertip more to the area that needs more.

anti-aging photo olay-micro-sculpting-cream.jpg

Remember ladies don’t focus so much on the price since this will last you for a few months if you are not over using it. I have found that Walmart has great prices for Olay products. You can purchase this Olay product in person or online. The regenerist cream starts usually around $23.94 minus tax.


If you love to go out in the sun or just be out during the day I recommend using lotion with SPF. You really can’t go wrong with this product. It goes on so smooth while it protects your skin from the harmful damage of the sun. photo olayspflusciouslivingtoday.jpg

This moisturizer is very affordable. I actually purchase all of my Olay products at Walmart, because I know I can get great deals. This item you can also purchase online and it usually starts around $8.94. You can also use the product all year around. In the summer you of will most likely use more, so you might need to buy two bottles a month, but that’s still a great deal while protecting your skin.

Eye Care

As we get older our eyes have a tendency to start to drop in the firmness and texture as well as some people have discoloration.  If you notice you have problems with your eyes, I suggest trying photo olayagedefyingeyegel.jpg

 You can purchase this product online at Walmart starting around $9.47.  I would use this in the morning before putting on any makeup. I don’t use it at night, because if your eyes are sensitive to eye gels or creams this might cause for some irritation while you are sleeping.

Body Wash photo olaybodywash.jpg

 I love this body wash it smells great. It doesn’t feel sticky and you don’t need very much at all. I use a body puff when I use this so I get more product. You can purchase this for around $4.97 which is a great deal.

Last by not least I really like Olay body lotion.

Body Lotion photo olaybodylotionlusciouslivingtoday.jpg

Another great thing about this lotion it glides on so smooth and doesn’t stick and smells great. You can purchase this for around $4.47.

 Ladies if you are on a tight budget and you still want to look great and not spend tons of money or time searching for the perfect lotion, cream, body wash, or eye care Olay is the way to go! A little secret men like using Olay as well…..

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