Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Orange is the New Black: season 2

Orange is the New Black: season 2

It’s almost here June 6th 2014 the next season, season 2 of Orange is the New Black will be on Netflix. I can’t wait. I love that show. Since I have previous experience working at a prison (not a jail) I find many parts of this show funny. Many things that the ladies do from picking on each other, to visits with family, phone calls, and even inmates having sex do happen in prison.

Orange is the New Black is a great comedy. I feel this show is great for ladies. This show also is great for all types of viewers that are of a mature age. I think most ladies that watch the show can relate from feelings of loneliness as well as the ups and downs with emotions. There are some mild sex scenes but nothing major. Mostly some touching, kissing, you might see a few breast shots and a butt here and there.

This show offers not only entertainment but some drama on different levels. I like that with each of the main characters the show goes back and forth to show a bit of each ladies life before they went to prison and the crime each lady did to end up in prison.

Do you think these ladies have learned any lessons in life? A perfect example Taystee she got out of prison and ended up right back in. Clearly Taystee did not learn her lesson. Some of the ladies feel like the prison life and fellow inmates are the only home they will ever feel like family with and be accepted for who they are and for the crime they committed to end up in prison. I think two other great actresses are Taylor Schilling (Piper) and Lauren Prepon (Alex). Both ladies have had a love hate relationship. Piper ended up in prison because of Alex leading her down the wrong path. Piper did switch sides of the fence and ended things with Alex and fell in love with Jason Biggs (Larry).

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If you watched season 1 and you remember the last episode I bet you have been ready for season 2 to start. I kept think maybe Piper was just dreaming about the whole attack and didn’t really harm Pennsatucky.

I guess when season 2 starts we might see some new and exciting dysfunctional ways of the ladies and just how well they get along with each other. Do you think Piper and Larry will get together again?

  • hmmm i am not really sure … I am not really a fan of female dramas

    • Crystal Duna


      It’s actually a pretty funny show. Yes there is some drama but many laughs.