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Out with the old

Out with the old

So now that the holidays are over and most of you have made a New Years resolution, staying motivated is the key to your own success. Since resolutions can vary from person to person lets look over a few common ones that people talk about doing. You can also do resolutions that don’t cost much more than a smile and being nice to someone. Below are some tips that can help you stick with meeting your goals.

Lets start with a list of resolutions that can be very easy to do, but are easily overlooked.

Tip #1– Try saying “hi or hello” when someone looks at you or when you walk past www.lusciouslivingtoday.comsomeone. You might not get a “hi or hello” back, but it’s the thought of doing something nice without expecting something in return.  Even a smile can brighten someones day. How many times have you passed a co-worker walking by and never said “hi, hello or even smiled” at them? Someone could be having a really rough day. Next time you walk by someone you have never seen, try to take the little extra steps to make someones day. Maybe he or she just lost a job, a loved one passed away, or they are really sick. We can’t ever tell just by looking at someone what they might be dealing with in life, especially if you have never seen the person before. You never know you could see the person on a different day and they might remember you and be nice to you like you were to them.

Tip #2– If you are waiting to purchase something in line at the store and you notice the person behind you only has a few items and you have a whole cart full of stuff, you could let the person go ahead of you. Think about how many times you have had 1 or 2 items and were behind someone and they didn’t let you go. Tip #3– Help the homeless. If you see someone down and out on their luck try to help out with a few bucks or even food if you can. I remember in 2012 I was really down on my luck with money and at one point I only had $7.00 in my bank account. This is not something I am proud to say, but it was the reality of my situation. In 2013 one day when I was driving home from work I seen a man on the side of the road saying he was homeless. I stopped and gave him some money, because I know exactly how it feels to struggle. It made the guy smile.

The simple little tips above can be done without having to go out of your way and can brighten up someones day.

Now we can look at ways for you to stay motivated that will take more time and effort, but will bring more happiness.

Stick with it #1– If you are tired of the drama that you see on social media sites and friends that are just drama then the great thing about this is you can block or delete people. This might come across as rude to some people, but if you complain a lot about the people who bring you down then it seems you already know what you can do to solve the problem and not complain about the negative people. Make yourself happy in 2014.

Stick with it #2– Many people are trying to get bills paid off. If this is your focus for 2014 pay more than the minimum on a bill with the highest interest. An example would be if you owe $6,350 with 15% on one credit card and another card with $5,350 with 11%, you would want to pay the credit card with the 15% off first. The reason why because the higher the interest rate the more you will end up paying over what you actually charged in the first place.

Stick with it #3– The most common goal for 2014 is……. yep you guessed it weight loss! Now this might not seem like a big deal for some people, but for others this can be a make or break year to get the weight off. We all know weight goes on much faster than it comes off. With that being said the average person will need to really put in the effort. It can be a bit frustrating, but don’t give up. Try NOT to focus on the numbers you see on the scale. Focus more on taking progress pics, taking measurements, and how you physically feel everyday. Make 2014 the year that getting in shape is one of your top priority’s.

Stick with it.

Stick with it.


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