Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman

If you are person who follows the media then you may have heard about the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Phillip is well-known for his role in ‘Along Came Polly’ among many other great movies.  The death of Philip is very tragic and it’s looking as though drugs maybe heroin might be the cause of his death. When Philip was found he was seen with a syringe in his arm as well as police found little bags that looked like they contained heroin in his apartment in Manhattan, NY.

Many people just assume that if you are a movie star that your life is great and you can have anything you want since you have tons of money so you never have to go without anything in life. Did you know that Philip was an addict for many years and had been in and out of rehab? I am sure Philip had to have been dealing with many demons within him when trying to stay clean. The media tends to put way too much pressure on actors and actresses. Some people seem to only find one way to deal with the stress which is through drug use.

It’s sad that Philip turned to drugs to fix whatever it was he was dealing with on maybe an emotional and physical level. Some people assume a person who has an addiction is just useless, doesn’t serve any purpose on earth, and can’t be helped. That is such a naive way to think. Think if you have ever been an addict or known someone who is or has been an addict. Addictions are not just drug related.  Having a drug related addiction of course as you know in the case of Philip it ended his life way to early. Philip was only 46 and he had 3 children and a longtime girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell.

The service for Philip was held at St. Ignatius Loyal Church

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Philip had been an addict for many years throughout his life, and at times he was clean but had relapsed and this time the addiction seemed to get the best of him. I can’t understand why some people assume that just because a person has or has had an addiction they are less deserving of being alive. I have read some very rude and ignorant comments from people who don’t think it’s a big deal that Philip is dead. It’s a very big deal I am sure his friends and family miss him dearly. Even though I never met Philip and only seen who he was through movies it still makes me sad for his loved ones knowing they lost him to such a way that will probably leave questions that will never have answers.

The family and friends need time grieve and focus on how to move on and not read negative comments from people who just want to hate and talk bad about Philip. If you are someone who thinks that it’s not a big deal that Philip is gone then when you suffer the loss of a loved one maybe then you will understand what loss is really about.

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  • Phillip’s movies were great, and he was a skilled actor and well respected. Although I am not sure why he used drugs in the first place, I believe that being rich and famous probably had something to do with people trying to test limits, when you have everything you might think you are invincible, but sadly no one is truly.
    His story, together with Heath Ledger’s, should be used as an example that even the stars struggle with issues and their fame meant that they had to bury it deeper than normal people do. In sense that, they are famous, they had to be perfect, but they are not.

    • Crystal Duna


      I think with his off and on drug use there had to have been some deeper issues than his family and friends might not have been aware of. It’s sad because now the family and friends have to suffer when trying to get through their healing process. Some people do think it will never happen to them, I don’t know if that would be the issue in this case, but once again a person is lost to early in life to drugs. I know Heath Ledger had really bad sleeping issues where he was lucky if he was able to get 3-4 hours a sleep a night. Sleeping pills can be very addictive. I myself used to take sleeping pills for chronic insomnia, but after I had my NDE (near death experience) in February of 2013 I couldn’t take them anymore. I am so glad to be off of the sleeping pills. I had to get off of my sleeping pills cold turkey and didn’t have a choice. God Bless.

      • a lot of issues with addiction are not because of problems/ issues. Most of them started out innocently and before you know it, the problem is there.
        Lifestyle pressures and stress does make you have sleeping issues, I guess our society is so used to immediate fix that we rely on that rather than getting the underlying cause fixed.

        • Crystal Duna

          I do agree with you. I don’t think most people that have an addiction would ever really expect to end up with one. It’s a shame how some people go down the wrong path in life. I know being able to stop an addiction would be great, but sometimes people don’t always know until its in the stages where it might be hard to break away from. I know some people want things fixed in the blink of an eye, but problems usually develop overtime.

          • yes. there are some research says it is partly genetic on how addiction came about

          • The first step is always acknowledging that you need help and change. Then you will work towards it I suppose. In my work place, we are told not to force, only to bring up the issue until they are ready.