Friday , 23 February 2018
Proactiv Products

Proactiv Products

I wanted to talk about this great company that I have been doing business with for a little over 15 years so far. I will continue even into my old age. I am talking about Proactiv or some people call it Proactiv Solution as well. I am a firm believer the products work great. Have you ever suffered with problem skin as a teenager and as an adult?

I remember all through my teen years and into my early twenties I had very bad acne. I would get teased all the time when I was in school. We all know kids and even some adults can be very mean. Before I even heard of Proactiv I tried many and I mean many different products. I would get so frustrated and hated the way my face looked.

I can’t recall the exact amount I spent over the years on products “so-called miracle” products that were supposedly the next best thing that was the cure for acne. I really begin to feel like I was a science project and there would never be a cure for me and my face.

Proactiv was developed in 19995 by two doctors  Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. I remember one day I watched a commercial for Proactive Soultion and I was intrigued. I figured I had tried pretty much everything and I really didn’t think my face could breakout anymore then it already had over the years. I really like the fact that if I didn’t like the products I could return the empty bottles for a full refund.

I had my mind made up that I had nothing to lose and maybe this stuff would finally be my miracle cure that I had been hoping for over and over. My prayers were finally answered. If you have ever had acne you know how upsetting it can be and how it makes you feel about yourself.

I did notice when I first used the products my skin had to get used to it. Lucky for me within 2-3 weeks I started to notice a difference in how my skin was looking and it wasn’t getting as irritated. Depending on what skin problems you have Proactive may or may not work for you. I do suggest trying it though. Give it at least a month minimum before you say this isn’t working for me. Also I suggest to keep stress low if you can and if you are eating a lot of greasy food that can have an affect on some people.

I personally love Proactiv products. You get a lot of product for your money. If you are not over using the product you can get a 3 month supply of the needed items and they should last you for the 3 months. Another great thing about Proactiv you can custom what items you want in your kit and how often you want to receive your shipment. If you do choose to change the items in your kit, some kits can change in price depending on what items you add or cancel. You can also order just one item at a time as well. I highly recommend giving Proactiv a chance.


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