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Reviews Best Buy

Reviews Best Buy

I recently tried out two products from Best Buy, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how great the quality is of both items. Spending less is better for some things, but sometimes you might need to spend a little more upfront, but in the long run you actually end up spending less.

Each item will have pros and cons, but the pros beat out the cons by far.

Do you love to listen to music and just block everything else around you out? How many times have you purchased earphones going off of price, but not for comfort? If you seem to find yourself feeling that your ears hurt because of the shape of your earphones, or you can’t hear the music clear, I have got the perfect fix for you.

Best Buy has these awesome earphones called “Yurbuds LaMichale James Signature Series ITE 100 Earbud Headphones”. These earbuds are designed with athletes in mind. The earbuds are great for indoor and outdoor use. Also the earbuds are sweat and water-resistant. photo bestbuyearbuds.png photo bestbuyearbuds2.png photo bestbuyearbuds3.png photo bestbuysearbuds4.png

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like these earbuds. I had always used the same kind of earphones, the typical ones that come with an i pod. I don’t necessarily prefer the typical kind, but it worked for what I needed. I did notice over time my ears would get sore from the shape and texture of the ear pieces. I felt the ear pieces didn’t provide much comfort. I decided to venture out and look for another pair, but I wasn’t looking for just any kind of earphones as I didn’t want to have the same thing happen that I had been dealing with already.

 I absolutely love the Earbuds!

Pros: Very comfortable, great sound quality, a tangle free cord that is soft, the earbuds have a soft padded cushion feeling, you get a neoprene case that is great for holding the earbuds, you also get an extra set of ear tips. I really like how these feel in my ears. I have to say this is a smart buy and it will help you hear things much more clear.

Cons: I would have to say the cost is the only thing I can find that might cause a sticker shock for some people. The earbuds cost $59.99 if not on sale. This does seem a bit much to pay for earphones, but if you think about it in the long run you have a great product that you wont need to keep replacing over and over like you do standard headphones. With standard headphones you can very easily replace them every 6-12 months. So if  you add up the cost for those you will most likely have already spent more on the less quality headphones in 1-2 years.

The next item is the “Lenovo- Yoga Tablet 8 – 16GB – Brushed Nickel/Chrome”.

 photo lenovoyogatablet1.png photo lenovoyogatablet2.png

Pros: Very sleek design, great response with touch screen, sound quality, screen resolution, navigates easily, size of the tablet, great price, free apps, compared to some tablets the price is more affordable for this one, you can move the apps in the order you want to place them. My favorite thing is the battery life. This tablet holds and 18 hour charge!

Cons: Video rotation if you make a video it doesn’t work unless you download an app, some apps don’t work very well, you might have to uninstall and download one app several times, cost is $249.99, doesn’t have a screen protector yet as the item is still new, and there is not currently a carrying case.

Overall I think both products are worth the buy. Best Buy has great options for financing. I actually had a discussion with a Best Buy employee about 6 and 18 month financing options because I was curious if I decide to purchase items in the future how this works. If you spend at least $429 you have the option to have 18 months interest free. So if you do spend $429 and pay it off before the 18 months you will not have to pay any of the interest.

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Date: 1/12/14


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