Friday , 23 February 2018


I recently tried 3 spring and summer lip colors from NYX cosmetics.

Black Sesame

 photo IMG_20140510_16554_edit_1399766616517.jpg
 photo IMG_20140510_214442.jpg

I don’t really care much for the Black Sesame you have to put a lot on just to get the color to look even on your lips. If you do try this color you might want to put a clear lip gloss over it. I was hoping this color would look more like a nude lip color but this color just doesn’t work for me.

The next color is Violet

 photo IMG_20140510_16562_edit_1399766887624.jpg
 photo IMG_20140510_214844-1.jpg
 photo IMG_20140510_21481_edit_1399784590036.jpg
 photo IMG_20140510_214855.jpg
I took a few different pictures for the Violet. I really like this color and you do not need very much at all. The color goes on so smooth.

The last color is Lavender and this one is my favorite of the 3.
 photo IMG_20140510_16563_edit_1399766652344.jpg
 photo IMG_20140510_21465_edit_1399784627518.jpg
I really like the Lavender because this is a color that can be worn alone with no makeup and you can wear this all year round.