Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Road Rage

Road Rage

Road rage is something that most everyone faces unless you stay home everyday all day. Seriously though road rage is something you and I both face at different points during our lives. You don’t always have to be the driver to deal with this either. It seems people are in such a hurry and have very little patience for many things, and dealing with people who are rude or just don’t know how to drive really can cause a person to just lose it!

If you are in a disaster situation such as road rage and you are being pursued you would naturally think calling 911 and having the cops come would be the right thing and you would be saved. Well think again because that is not always the case.

Yahoo News posted a topic from ABC News writers GILLIAN MOHNEY and BENJAMIN KROLOWITZ about a young man Timothy Davison, 28 who died in a road rage incident on January 4, 2014. This happened in Pennsylvania. From the report Timothy had been spending time with his family for the holidays and was traveling from Maryland through Pennsylvania so he could go back home to Maine where he lived.

Timothy made several attempts calling for help. His first call was while he was still in Maryland before he fully crossed over into Pennsylvania. Somehow from the time when he was in Maryland making the drive into Pennsylvania his call was not able to stay connected. ABC News also stated that this might have been from going from one state to another. I just can’t believe that a system that is supposed to protect you in a time of desperate need, can’t keep track of your call and it gets dropped!

There really isn’t much of a description of the suspect. Basically the only leads are about the vehicle and the vehicle is said to be a Ford truck, it’s dark and its an older style model. That doesn’t seem like much of a lead.

I want you to picture if you were in the same situation as Timothy was in, how would you feel? What thoughts would be going through your mind? I have to say this is not a good feeling at all. I want to remind you that it was stated that Timothy made several calls about the driver with the road rage that was following him.

The other driver had to of had a crazy amount of insane anger to force Timothy off the road to where Timothy was not able to move his vehicle and then he was shot multiple times. Police think that the same person who killed Timothy might have been involved in another road rage incident that took place about 7 hours  earlier

I can’t believe that catching the person who was involved in the road rage incident and who killed Timothy due to the incident was not caught. I am sure this makes many people feel like if you can’t count on 911 or the cops to save you then do you really stand a chance waiting for help or do you take matters into your own hands?

I would think twice next time you are feeling a fit of road rage, because you never know just how crazy the other person really is that you are up against. It’s very easy to say what you would do, but it’s totally different when you are in the situation yourself. Proceed with caution…..

Here is a picture of the victim Timothy Davison.

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Image source: http://www.wgal.com

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