Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Samsung S5 to come with more than $500 worth of app goodies

Samsung S5 to come with more than $500 worth of app goodies

So the news is in Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship model the S5 is set to be released in April with over $500 worth of app subscriptions. A set retail price is not yet determined however I’m sure it will be north of $500. However in $ terms of the freebies they include a six-month subscription to the WSJ ($160), three months of LinkedIn Premium ($75) and six months of 50GB of storage on Box ($60).

Included are also a variety of fitness oriented apps. New S5 owners will get a year of Lark’s premium service (which works great with the S5’s heart rate monitoring capabilities), a year of Run Keeper’s elite membership and six months of premium membership to Map My Run and Skimble.

The bundle will also include 3 months of Evernote premium, three months of 1 TB of cloud storage from Bitcasa and more than $50 in freebies from PayPal when shopping from participating retailers.

Samsung has previously introduced packaged deals with their products before, however there is no indication if billing information is or isn’t required to access the free trial subscriptions. I’m sure if you head over to www.samsung.com you can get a full list of all the apps that will be included with the S5.



Citation: image/samsung