Friday , 23 February 2018
Serenity Hair Design

Serenity Hair Design

I recently made a move to another city and I really like the area so I knew that if I was going to stay in the area I would need to find a new place to get my hair done. You see I usually do my hair myself, but I wanted to make a change and have someone else do my hair the next time I needed it done.

I did some research to find a salon that would be close to me. I found one that was literally 3 minutes from where I lived. I thought this is great I wont have to drive far at all. In the process of my search I came across Serenity Hair Design in San Tan Valley, AZ. So my next step was to go in and find out the prices and what the days and hours are.

This was my very first time going to this salon. I walked in and there was not anyone at the front desk and I understand salon’s can be busy at times. A few hair stylists were talking with each other and two of them looked at me and didn’t even say hi to me. I thought “wow that is kind of rude, I am a customer and they just look at me and don’t even say hi”. I kept standing there for about another minute and finally one of the hair stylists looked at me and asked me if “I was Laura” she didn’t even say hi at that point either, I said no.

Finally another hair stylist called someone up to the front desk. I asked the young lady what the hours and prices were. I might have considered making an appointment, but my experience as a first time customer walking in the door was not good. The salon was not busy at all and the staff that was there was unfriendly and not very helpful.

I feel when you walk into any business you should feel welcomed. You can’t judge people just by how they look. I really didn’t think it cost much just to say hi to someone other than being nice. I wont do business with Serenity Hair Design and I hope the owners read this review, because they need to be aware of what is going on in the salon when people come in this might be there very first visit like it was for me. I learned in this situation just because something is close it doesn’t mean its a better deal.

First impressions do matter……