Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Social Media and landing a job

Social Media and landing a job

Looking for that perfect job can be very tough when you are up against others who seem to find the same job you want as a goal that he or she is going after. Landing a great job might come easy for some, but for others this can take work. One of the biggest issues that can hold you back from getting hired is the use of Social Media.

Social Media is great for many things, but is also used in negative ways as well. The sad fact of reality is that we all have had some embarrassing moments or said things we might not have meant if we were upset with someone, but once you post it on Social Media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many others your reputation can be damaged before someone even meets you face to face.

Lets face we are judged by the way we look, things we say and our actions. So if you are applying for a job and keep applying for several jobs and are wondering why over and over you are not getting hired even though you have the skills and degree if needed you might really want to go back through your memory bank.  Think about all the posts you have made on Social Media sites and pictures you have posted.

Sometimes the things you think are private might not really be. I am going to use Facebook as a perfect example. How many times have you logged in and you see nothing but negative posts, negative comments, and friends and family getting drunk, or girls trying to act all sexy wearing as little as they can just to get attention?

When employers are looking to hire more and more business are going to look you up using Social Media. If you are posting something that shows you in an immature way or a disrespectful manner don’t be surprised when you don’t get hired. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have a degree and you think you are the perfect fit for the job, It matters what the employer thinks when they look you up.

I have never understood why some people all they want to do is get drunk every weekend and feel the need to post this on Social Media sites and then they complain how they are hung over and 2 days later complain about being broke and no one will hire them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

These days many people life to take selfies.  Selfies seem to be an addiction for some people who need constant attention from others either liking their picture or making a comment about their picture. Selfies can be great for many things like if you changed your hair, you are getting in better shape, etc. The problem with selfies is when almost all images some people post is of them wearing next to nothing and trying to look sexy. Ladies wearing the shortest skirts or dresses that barely cover their butt and tops that barely cover their chest. Of course we all want to feel sexy, but the issue is when employers are looking at certain images they will judge you without even talking to you.

Is it unfair to be judged? Yes of course it is, but your actions and images you share can bring this on. Think about what you are putting on Social Media.

Main image source: mse.arizona.edu