Sunday , 19 November 2017

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Review: BH Cosmetics

Ladies if you are looking to try new lip colors and even brow color then I recommend BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics is really affordable as they always run specials. On many items you can usually always get a discount for the items BH Cosmetics sells. I have been purchasing items on and off for about 2 yrs from BH Cosmetics. ... Read More »

Selfie Stick

What is the Selfie Stick? Have you ever heard of or seen this little gadget? I actually had never even heard of this thing before. I was watching a real estate show and the realtor person had one. At first I thought the person was just a little into themselves, but then when I seen how easy this gadget is ... Read More »

Easy Food Prep

Hi everyone I know I have been MIA for a little bit due to some personal issues but I am going to try to do one post a week maybe more, but I am shooting for one post. If you are like me and you don’t really know how to cook or always seem to be short on time during ... Read More »


I recently tried 3 spring and summer lip colors from NYX cosmetics. Black Sesame I don’t really care much for the Black Sesame you have to put a lot on just to get the color to look even on your lips. If you do try this color you might want to put a clear lip gloss over it. I was ... Read More »

Spring is here

Great idea for flowers, candles, and much more…. I really like this idea and it’s affordable as well as so easy to do. You can do a few different things with this idea. You can use this for flowers, a candle holder, and I also suggest maybe an incense holder or you could put potpourri for a fresh scent to ... Read More »


I wanted to share my wonderful experience that I had with a great, affordable, and friendly environment where you can get your hair done. I found a place that you can get your hair colored, cut, style, and many other services for a very affordable price. This was my first visit to Avalon School Of Cosmetology. I waited about 15 ... Read More »

Chili’s: Cjaun Pasta Veggie Style

If you like to eat veggie style meals and you love pasta you will love this delicious meal from Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant. I like chicken and this pasta does come with that, but you can also get this Cajun pasta meal without chicken. If you are wanting to stay away from any kind of meat and are trying ... Read More »

Healthy Eating Option #2

Recently I provided my current diet as I received a lot of feedback from others wanting to know what I was doing as far as my eating. Well I wanted to share with everyone another healthy eating option #2 that you might want to try as well. Some of option #2 is similar to option #1 but there are a ... Read More »

Healthy Eating option #1

I wanted to share my healthy eating option #1 in a video for everyone. I did do a post about everything and explained everything in detail in a recent post under the ‘Healthy Habits’ section. I find its good to do a video as well, as some people can understand better what I am talking about when I try to ... Read More »

Proactiv Products

I wanted to talk about this great company that I have been doing business with for a little over 15 years so far. I will continue even into my old age. I am talking about Proactiv or some people call it Proactiv Solution as well. I am a firm believer the products work great. Have you ever suffered with problem ... Read More »