Wednesday , 24 January 2018

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Ladies now that we are in spring and summer will be here in a few months makeup companies are coming up with new and exciting makeup to grab the attention of beauty lovers from all ages and skin tones. If you love spring and love bright colors then you might love some of the great colors NYX cosmetics has come ... Read More »

Beautiful Ladies my Top 3……

I wanted to share my choices of the 3 sexiest ladies. Most people have heard of these ladies, but for those of you that haven’t, well now you will know who they are after reading this post. Each of the ladies below are simply gorgeous and have a natural beauty. I personally think they look great with or with out ... Read More »

Beauty Of Snow

luscious living today

I wanted to share some pictures that capture the beauty of snow. I currently live in Arizona and where I live there is never any snow. Having a white Christmas wont be happening for me, so I love to look at beautiful images of snow and remember the times when I was around snow. For those of you who wont ... Read More »

Less is Better

Ladies did you know that men prefer women who have a natural look with makeup compared to a heavy look? When you wear too much makeup it can give you a clown look appearance. Choosing the right shade foundation as well as other makeup colors can bring out your natural beauty. How many times have you been out and seen ... Read More »



When you hear the word beauty or beautiful what comes too your mind? I have noticed these words and their meanings seem to be viewed in many ways by people from all over the world. When I hear the world beautiful, I think of something that catches my eye, or a person with a sweet kind soul that makes them so beautiful that ... Read More »