Wednesday , 24 January 2018

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Dishonor in the Family

I can not believe this when I was looking at some topics on Yahoo and a few other legitimate sources that have reported on this very troubling issue. The issue I am speaking about is known as an “Honor Killing”. I am just disgusted that for anyone to ever think this is acceptable. In Pakistan some people do not even ... Read More »

Update: No Sequestration


According to HLN a recent update for the Jodi Arias trial, judge Stephens has made the decision for the retrial of the penalty phase to begin next year in 2014 the jurors will not be in sequestration. This might make for some mixed feelings if you watched the first trial. One of the reasons the judge is not going to ... Read More »


Do you think the media (news), reality TV can have a great impact on places people and things we think to be one way in our mind? When you hear or see something that you don’t agree with do you have a change of opinion about a person, place, or thing immediately or do you think everything through that you ... Read More »