Wednesday , 24 January 2018

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Last Day of Summer 2014

Summer isn’t over just yet, but many people are already looking forward to fall and getting away from the heat. Depending on what type of weather you like the end of summer can be the perfect time of year. The weather will still be great not too hot or too cold. I found a few great DIY projects that you can ... Read More »

DIY: Pillows

diy pillows

Are you looking to add more decoration to your bed, couch, or favorite chair? Below are some great DIY ideas for pillows that you can do and save money by doing the work yourself. You can purchase most of the items at a craft store. Doing a DIY can be more time-consuming because the pillows are not already decorated and ... Read More »

Tips to build Self-Esteem

Do you ever wonder why some people lack self-esteem? Do you have low self-esteem? If you answered yes to either of the above questions I have some great tips that you can try to improve your self-esteem or you can help others during his or her process of building their self-esteem. 1. Know that you are important in this world ... Read More »

All City Towing

If you have ever had your vehicle towed you know what a hassle it can be depending on what company you go with. Paying a fee when you have car problems is not going to make anyone’s day. Can you imagine if you walked up to where you left  your car parked the night before and the next morning you ... Read More »

This is such an inspiration….

How many of you have battled with weight most of your life? Losing weight can be one of the biggest most challenging problems to face. I recently came across this video on Yahoo about a young man who once weighed 300 pounds and shockingly in one year he weighed in at 170 pounds. That is awesome! Many people say they ... Read More »

Out with the old

So now that the holidays are over and most of you have made a New Years resolution, staying motivated is the key to your own success. Since resolutions can vary from person to person lets look over a few common ones that people talk about doing. You can also do resolutions that don’t cost much more than a smile and ... Read More »

Christmas Gifts under $100


Christmas is a time of joy, family, love, laughter, being thankful, giving, decorations, presents and tasty food with delicious deserts. I have three things I really love about Christmas. Spending time with loved ones, watching little kids open presents and looking at decorations with all the beautiful Christmas lights. Christmas can be a hard time for some if you are ... Read More »

Update: No Sequestration


According to HLN a recent update for the Jodi Arias trial, judge Stephens has made the decision for the retrial of the penalty phase to begin next year in 2014 the jurors will not be in sequestration. This might make for some mixed feelings if you watched the first trial. One of the reasons the judge is not going to ... Read More »

Black Friday


With Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, “Black Friday” is fast upon us. Do you participate in the deals that stores offer on this day? I myself don’t like to venture out and deal with the crazy madness of the deals that are offered and the people who tend to get a little crazy. This year many business will run ... Read More »